Vitamix A2300 Ascent Series Smart Blender Review

Vitamix A2300 Ascent Series Smart Blender is sleek and stylish to look at, extremely functional, full of features and easy to use. It also has the ability to whip up the best smoothies, juices, fresh baby food, ground spices, frozen desserts, milkshakes, soups and much more.

A2300 is the first model from the Ascent series of Vitamix in which the company has used the latest technologies to build innovative blenders with convenience of customers in mind. It’s also the most affordable blender in the Ascent series.

Published: February 4, 2019.

Vitamix A2300 Ascent Specifications

vitamix a2300 blender- Dimensions: 11” x 8” x 17”

- Weight: 11.86 lbs.

- Motor: 1500W/2.2 peak horsepower

- Electrical ratings: 120 V, 12 amps, 50-60 Hz

- Capacity: 64 ounces

- Colors: Red, white, black, slate

- Warranty: 10 years


- Motor base

- 64-ounce container

- Low-profile tamper

- “Simply Blending” hardcover, full-color recipe book

Vitamix A2300 Ascent Features


Several earlier Vitamix blenders featured 2 horsepower motors. The A2300 Ascent has got a very powerful 2.2 horsepower motor that handles tougher ingredients very efficiently and delivers faster blends. Despite the aggressive blade and powerful motor, it makes smooth blends.

Users can make hot soups in the container of A2300 Ascent directly i.e. it’s not needed to heat the mixture separately. The heat is generated and transferred to the blender by the motor. There will be steam; hence the soup will be more than simply “warm”.

Thus the motor can blend and process virtually anything users may want to, including smoothies, soups, ice creams, hummus, nut butters and coffee.


vitamix a2300 blender 3Blades of A2300 Ascent are laser-cut, made from hardened stainless steel and have a 4-point design to produce a vortex that sucks the ingredients down in them. The blades work with the motor extremely well to blend the contents of the container thoroughly.


Container of A2300 Ascent is BPA-free Tritan container of 64-ounce capacity. It’s connected to the motor base securely with metal drive system.
Smaller 8 ounce and 20 ounce containers are available to buy separately if users want them for smaller batches of foods.

Variable Speed Controls

A2300 Ascent features 10 variable speed controls that give users complete control. Users can fine-tune the machine to dial-in accurate food texture. All they have to do is to adjust the speed dial from 1 to 10, chop their ingredients to get the exact consistency for salsa for example or release its full power for smoothies or hot soups.

Pulse Feature

Using the pulse feature of A2300 Ascent is a breeze. It’s simply an easy toggle switch but can offer users big rewards. Users can chop an added garnish for the soup to make it a bit more delicious. Also with the help of the pulse feature, they can get just the right texture they want. Even the toughest fruits and vegetables, and the softest pulp can be handled easily with the wonderful pulse feature equally well.

Digital Timer

vitamix a2300 blender 2The digital timer is a great addition to A2300 Ascent (& all other Ascent models) by Vitamix. This feature is very rare in the market. But it’s very thoughtful too because it gives freedom to the user from guesswork. Users just have to follow their recipe plan, set the relevant timer and they will wind up again and again with the perfect result. The digital timer will count up and shows the time up to minutes and seconds of manual blends. An automatic cutoff is provided at six and half minutes while the 64-oz blender is being used and at 1 ¼ minutes for the 8- and 20-oz containers (the 8- and 20-oz containers are unvented; hence prolonged blending could create too much pressure); so, the motor will automatically stop.

An additional benefit of the digital timer is that the user doesn’t have to wait beside the blender and hold down the blend button.

Clear Lids

Although it’s a debatable point, according to most users clear lids are better. With them users can look inside the container what they are blending and also check the texture at a glance. This is better than the opaque rubber lids, as per most users.

According to some others, the rubber lid has a soft grip. However, the rubber lining of the clear plastic lid has the snap fasteners that make a click that makes sure that they are locked on. This lid forms a better seal too. The seals on the earlier lids were fine too, but if users blend a high amount of thin liquid, there can be a little leakage which doesn’t happen with the Ascent lids.

Wireless Connectivity and Bluetooth

Wireless connectivity of A2300 Ascent is also a new addition and also one of the most helpful features. The base of the machine will use Near-Field Communication or NFC to recognize the container the user is using and helps the programs to adjust their timing depending upon which container is being used. This will allow the blender to use both small as well as full-size containers. It will operate only if a container is identified. The NFC tag has been inserted at the bottom of the container.

A2300 Ascent features a Bluetooth too which enables users to use the free Perfect Blend App to send programs to the blender. This is available in A2300 and A3300 which don’t feature built-in programs. The company is also planning to roll out new features that will use the Bluetooth connection.

Noise Level

Opinions vary about the noise level of A2300 Ascent; however, a few user tests conducted show that the blenders in the Ascent range are quieter than the next-gen Vitamix (such as the 750).

A2300 Ascent is not quiet (on its highest setting, it’s as loud as a lawn mower), but still it’s the best users can get for this amount of processing power and this number of features.

Easy Cleanup

On the background that the last line of Vitamixes (such as 7500) didn’t feature dishwasher-safe containers, A2300 Ascent has an impressive feature that its containers are dishwasher safe.

But soaking parts in warm soapy water and washing with hand is also easy. The base can be cleaned with a damp cloth.


An impressive 10-year warranty is provided on A2300 Ascent. Along with parts and labor, shipping both ways is also covered in case the machine has to be repaired.

What can Users Make with A2300 Ascent?

Actually, the question should be what users cannot make with A2300 Ascent because A2300 Ascent has so many options, including big or small and hot or cold. Literally whatever, users may want to throw at it, A2300 has the ability to handle it.

Some popular items users can make are hot soups, nice froyos, ice creams, fruit sorbets, pizza dough, bread, cakes, cupcakes, any other baked goods (due to pouring spout), nut butters, freshly ground coffee, smoothies, purees, sauces, powdered sugar and much more.

vitamix a2300 blender 1

Pros of Vitamix A2300 Ascent

- Powerful 2.2 horsepower motor

- Works equally well for vegetables, frozen desserts, soups and many other foods

- Blades work extremely well for crushing, chopping and pureeing

- The 64 oz capacity is satisfactory for most homes

- 10 variable speed controls, which are more than most models

- Digital timer removes all the guesswork and makes blending much more convenient

- Easy to use pulse feature

- Built-in wireless connectivity

- Features a pour spout which reduces spillage and mess

- Sleek and stylish look

- Dishwasher safe, disassembly for cleaning and reassembly after cleaning are easy

- Full 10-year warranty

- A full-color hardcover recipe book included

Cons of Vitamix A2300 Ascent

- The blender is Bluetooth enabled, but the feature has not still been enabled

- No program settings like the Ascent A2500 and A3500 models. Also, many users prefer the touch controls of A3300 over the switches of A2300

- Although the cheapest in the Ascent series, it’s more expensive than average blenders

Bottom Line

For users who want value without having to give up capability or features, and who don’t value digital dials or presets much, A2300 Ascent is an excellent choice. It has great features, is easy to use and has a massive 10-year warranty which shows the confidence of the company in their product.

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