Nutri Ninja Blender/Food Processor BL682 Review

Nutri Ninja Blender/Food Processor BL682 with auto IQ is considered to be fantastic because it has so much power with its 1200-watt motor which can blend greens and other vegetables and also frozen fruit, peanut butter, apple cores and much more.

Users can even add flaxseeds, chia seeds etc. to their smoothies for an additional dash of protein and fiber.

Published: November 2, 2018.

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If they want to make the best smoothies with more ingredients like proteins in the form of nuts or peanut butter and fiber in the form of greens, apple cores and seeds, they can do this because these ingredients will also increase the antioxidant content of the smoothies.

Such smoothies with so many ingredients should not be tried with any ordinary blender. You can make them only with the Nutri Ninja BL682 blender with auto-IQ. This blender is considered to be the best smoothie blender since 2016.
With its outstanding set of accessories one can chop vegetables, make nut butters and bread dough, mince meat and can even grind coffee beans or similar foods.

Contents of Package

The package of Nutri Ninja BL682 blender contains:

- 1200-watt motor base with Auto-IQ technology
- 64-oz food processor bowl made of BPA-free plastic
- 72-oz total crushing pitcher made of BPA-free plastic
- Three Tritan BPA-free Ninja cups – 18-oz, 24-oz and 32-oz
- Pro extractor blade assembly
- Chopping and dough blades
- Total Crushing Stacked blades
- 3 spout lids
- Recipe book

Nutri Ninja BL682 Blender Features

nutri ninja bl682 blender 2Pro-Extractor Blades

The pro-extractor blades of BL682 ensure maximal extraction of nutrients in users’ juice.

Auto-IQ Technology

The Auto-IQ technology featured in the BL-682 has pre-programmed menus with countdown timers that combine timed blending, pulsing and pausing patterns. Thus it’s very helpful for those who are new to cooking and eliminates guesswork.

One Touch Intelligence

The one-touch intelligence of BL682 offers blending, processing and nutrient extraction. It can break down fruits, veggies, seeds and ice.

Total Crushing Technology

The total crushing technology of BL682 grinds and crushes ice so that users can make frozen drinks and crushes whole vegetables and fruits in seconds.

Precision Food Processing

This option enables users to make purees, baby food, spreads and dips. It also enables users to make 2 lb. of dough in 30 seconds.

Ease of Cleaning

Cleaning BL682 is super easy as users can rinse the containers, refill with a mixture of water and dish soap and run at a high speed for just a few seconds and this totally cleans the containers and blades.


BL682 comes with a 1-year warranty.

Pros of Nutri Ninja BL682 Blender

- Auto-IQ technology offers control over time for blending
- Very efficient because it chops and blends veggies as well as seeds
- Versatile because it can make not only smoothies, but also frozen drinks and milkshakes
- Portable extra cups which are very useful
- Price not very low but it’s half that of Vitamix
- Very easy to clean

Cons of Nutri Ninja BL682 Blender

- Noisy
- A little complicated to learn
- Short warranty

Bottom Line

Nutri Ninja BL682 is perfect for families who make smoothies or use food processors on a regular basis or want to make smoothies on a big scale for a number of guests. However, it’s hardly useful for those who make smoothies occasionally. But it’s also very versatile and can do many other things than making smoothies.

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