Ninja Professional Blender Nutri BL660 Review

Juicing enthusiasts looking for more information on Ninja Professional Blender Nutri BL660 Countertop Blender may wonder why they should prefer a BL660 to a Vitamix or Blendtec.

The answer is that when the BL660 can process hard ingredients like full veggies, ice etc. easily, users may not need to spend more than four times its price on a Vitamix or Blendtec to do the same!

Published: July 20, 2018.

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Contents of Package

When the package of Ninja Nutri BL660 will arrive, users will find the following contents:

- Base unit with motor

- 1 XL 72-ounce container

- 2 professional Nutri Ninja cups with to go lids

- User manual

Ninja Nutri BL660 Blender Features


Ninja Nutri BL660 has a powerful 1,100 watt motor that can pulverize and liquefy solid foods like apples and carrots within a few seconds. Thus, it’s perfect for making smoothies and other recipes on a regular basis. Running BL660 for less than a minute gives the right consistency of smoothies.

The 1,100 watt power of the blender is considerably higher than many other blenders which can find blending ice and other tough ingredients challenging with their 700 watt or less power.

Safety Features

The unit should be locked in place and users should lock down the pitcher’s cover to get started after starting the power button. Setting up the 72-oz pitcher may be complicated because it should be placed on the base unit and twisted clockwise till a click is heard. To close the lid, its white arrows should be aligned with the white arrows on the container handle and then lid handle should be pushed down until a distinct locking sound is heard. If all this is not done correctly, the machine won’t start and a red light will keep flashing on the power button.

Disassembly of the 72-oz pitcher is equally complicated. The tight lid is the biggest trouble. The release button should be pressed and then the handle should be lifted in a 90° angle to the lid.

Still, this is not a machine to be used by young children independently.

The motor is safeguarded with thermal overload. It won’t burn if heated; it’ll just stop. Then users have to wait till it cools down and then continue.

There is a place for cord storage on the blender and thus, the cord cannot get in the way.

There are grip feet on the bottom for stability while being used.

Ease of Use

As mentioned above, the 72-oz pitcher is quite complicated to set. Plus, placing ingredients in it is also not very easy during blending as users have to stop the blender, perform all the above procedure to open the lid, then place the extra ingredients and then close to carry on.

Setting up single-serving cup however is relatively easier. It’s constructed like most personal blenders and needs only that users screw the blade attachment on the cup and turn the cup upside down and place on the base and that’s it. There’s also a separate single button for its operation.


BL660 has patented stacked blade assemblies and blades are very sharp; so, users should take care to avoid being cut.
The blade system for the 72-oz pitcher is very unique containing a plastic pylon going from top of the blender to the bottom with 3 pairs of steel blades intervening around the pylon.

The single-serve cup has a very sharp 6-prong stainless steel extractor blade.

The user manual says that these blades are made of rust-proof and dishwasher-safe stainless steel. Some customers have found that the blades lose their sharpness over time.


Since size of blenders vary tremendously, it’s advisable to consider the spot you will be working and store your blender there to make sure if it fits well.
BL660 is 17” tall. There is a standard distance between the upper cabinet and countertop of 18” and so, it will fit in that situation but it’s quite close.

The weight of BL660 is ten pounds; so, it’s hard to move around.


The body of the BL660 has a digital touch pad which is in level with the body and hence there are no buttons. This facilitates easy cleanup.


BL660 features 3 speeds and a pulse button for the big pitcher, so, 4 speeds in total:

- Speed 1: Processing and mixing

- Speed 2: Blending

- Speed 3: Liquefying, pureeing, crushing ice

- Speed 4: Pulse for controlled processing and power bursts

Users have to keep pulse button pressed, while the other speed buttons run till they are turned off.

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Ninja Nutri BL660 Blender Cups and Pitchers

BL660 comes with two types of cups and pitchers:

72-ounce Pitcher

This is a little larger than the pitchers found on other blenders. The typical capacity of pitchers is 54-ounce. The large capacity of the pitcher makes it ideal for preparing breakfast smoothies for the whole family or iced cocktails for a party. This pitcher has an easy pouring spout too.

2 16-ounce Single Serve Cups with To Go Lids

Ninja BL660 comes with two 16-ounce cups with lids as well. These are single serve cups and since they have lids users can use them on the go. However, the lids are not spill-proof.


Pitchers are of hard, BPA-free plastic and the body of the blender is of stainless steel.


Pitcher and single-serve cups are dishwasher-safe and the body and the digital touch pad can be easily wiped down with a soft cloth.

For effective cleanup, users should add around ¾ cup of water and a drop of dishwasher liquid to the pitcher and turn the blender on to spin the blades for about half a minute. Most of the waste should be removed from the blade with this action. Blades will be sparkling clean without the risk of handling them too much. However, if the blades are not clean after this, users have to remove the assembly and clean it with a brush. Then everything should be rinsed.

Noise Level

With its 1100 watt motor, BL660 is quite noisy which can be expected. However, the noise also depends on ingredients being blended. E.g. ice will make more noise than soft, cooked ingredients.


Ninja BL660 comes with a one-year warranty on any manufacturing fault but doesn’t cover normal wear and tear of any parts. The warranty should be registered within 10 days of purchase. Extended warranties are available.


It’s commonly observed that high-end blenders boast of the greatest features, capabilities and features, thus overall highest performance. They also offer the best warranties.
On the other hand, mid-range blenders have similar features, characteristics and performance as that of the high-end blenders but they lack in warranties (typically 1 year), full range of capabilities and power.

Thus, Ninja Nutri BL660 has the blades and power comparable to a high-end blender, but has only 1-year warranty due to which it may not seem appealing.

However, it’s more advantageous than low-end blenders. The blade design and power of low-end machines won’t allow them to crush ice completely due to which large chunks of ice are left in the smoothie.

As compared to this, Ninja Nutri BL660 gives a smooth and consistent texture of smoothies (though there are some complaints from users about the smoothness).

Ninja Nutri BL660 Blender Pros

- Versatility to do multiple jobs like blending, crushing, grinding, pureeing and even kneading dough (as it doesn’t heat the ingredients), and multiple recipes including soups, dips, juices, cocktails, smoothies and even homemade facemasks!

- Crushes ice really very well

- Easy pour pitcher

- Ease of cleaning

- Handy single-server cups

- Low price

Ninja Nutri BL660 Blender Cons

- A few users have found that the blends are not always smooth. Fruits like pears and apples need to be cored before adding to the blender, or else the consistency will be a bit rough. If nuts are added to the blend for protein, they will be found in small pieces. All in all, it’s challenging to get smooth blends from hard ingredients, though soft ingredients become properly smooth in this machine.

- Complicated process of setting up and disassembling the 72-oz container and its lid

- According to some users, BL660 cannot handle leafy greens properly. A tip here is to use one of the single-serve cups because they handle green smoothies well.

- According to some users, the customer service is not very efficient as they take too long to solve issues. However, it’s also admitted that eventually they solve the issues.

- Some users note that it’s not durable. If used daily, the machine lasts for around 18 months. It contains a few prone-to-break components. The main blade bottom knob wears out within 12 to 18 months making the blade useless according to these users. Also, these customers say that containers are made of cheap plastic and don’t last long. The rubber gasket of the single-serve cups wears out quickly. However, it should also be noted that except these few users complaining about durability, others are quite happy with this blender.

Bottom Line

ninja blender bl660 3Although Ninja Nutri BL660 has only 1-year warranty, it should be considered that it comes with all the great features of high-end blenders but for 1/4th their price.

If users would want both high-capacity blender and single-cup blender they would have to pay twice the price of BL660 for two individual machines. Thus Ninja BL660 offers the value of two blenders at the cost of one.

The jobs of crushing ice to snow powder or liquefying vegetables and fruits can be done with BL660 without a hefty price tag. Plus, it’s backed by the reputable name of Ninja.

While durability of BL660 is somewhat questionable, those users who want to check if they are really in need of a powerful blender can give it a try.

All in all, it’s a nice, very popular blender with a great concept of two machines in one. However, if users are looking for a machine that will last long, they may check out other, more expensive alternatives.

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