Masticating Slow Juicer Extractor, Aicok 3" Big Mouth Whole Masticating Juicer

With Aicok 3" Big Mouth Whole Masticating Juicer, consumers can get the same juicing benefits that they can get from a high-end whole slow juicer but at a much low price.

The juicer has the same wide 7.5 cm feed chute which means a user doesn’t have to chop a whole fruit, like an orange or apple. This will of course save time and effort. Also unlike other vertical slow juicers that require users to chop vegetables like celery, Aicok 3" Big Mouth Whole Masticating Juicer doesn’t need to chop veggies too. So, this is a great alternative to a noisy centrifugal juicer.

Published: March 13, 2018.

aicok masticating slow juicer 1Specifications:

- 150 watt DC motor
- 3” or 75 mm wide feed chute
- Dimensions: 7.2 x 7.2 x 19.5 inches
- Weight: 5.68kg (12.15 pounds)
- ETL certified
- Auger rotates at a slow 60 RPM
- 3 year warranty


Everything in Aicok 3" Big Mouth Whole Masticating Juicer is big. Not only its feed chute is wide, but its auger is gigantic. Its food pusher is large too. The company has indeed done a good job in putting together this product.

Another unique feature of this product is that when compared with Kuvings or SKG, it has two openings, one larger and one smaller. The larger one is about 3” wide and can be used to put a whole fruit like lemon or apple, whereas the second smaller one is for putting in smaller ingredients like carrot or other vegetables.


A 150 watt DC motor has been used by Aicok in this machine that rotates the auger at a very slow 60 RPM speed. This ensures minimal oxidation (if any) and so, the juice can be stored for longer.

Users can run the motor for around half an hour straight without any problem. However, the machine has to be turned off to avoid overheating.

3” Feed Chute

There is a 75cm (3”) feed chute that can take a whole apple. It has two openings, one large and one small for ingredients of different sizes.

Large Food Pusher

A large food pusher is included too to help push ingredients towards the large auger beneath.

Large Auger

To charge a whole fruit, Aicok 3" Big Mouth Whole Masticating Juicer has a large auger that not only squeezes but also chops. It’s so effective that users need not even chop fibrous veggies like celery.

Drip-proof Smart Cap

This is a unique feature of Aicok 3" Big Mouth Whole Masticating Juicer that allow users to plug the juice below to enable various juices to mix. It also prevents the mess of drips if the container below is removed.

What can Aicok 3" Big Mouth Make?

aicok masticating slow juicer 2Aicok claims that the juicer can make fruit and vegetable juices, baby food, soy milk, nut milk and even sauces. But it’s doubtful whether it can make baby food and sauces because a blender is needed for that.

What is impressive about Aicok 3" Big Mouth is its ability to extract juice from celery without the need of chopping. Most users find it particularly annoying about vertical auger juicers that if fibrous ingredients are not chopped up, the pulp ejection port is clogged. This is not the case with Aicok 3" Big Mouth. But only small quantities should be worked upon at a time. Users will find that the pulp coming out is free flowing and there is no buildup of juice inside the container.

How Much Juice can be Extracted?

When it comes to juice yield, as compared to centrifugal juicers, Aicok 3" Big Mouth is a clear winner. Aicok says that it can extract around 30% more juice than a centrifugal juicer. But this is at the cost of speed which is considered to be the largest advantage of centrifugal juicers. Thus, a good amount of juice from vegetables and fruits is extracted from this machine and if users are cringed with a wet pulp, they can switch to this one.

For How Long the Juice can be Stored?

As Aicok 3" Big Mouth is a slow juicer, it doesn’t suck in a lot of air and thus users can store the juice for up to 3 days. If kept in freeze, it can be stored even longer.

Ease of Cleaning

Unfortunately, Aicok 3" Big Mouth is not as easy to clean as a horizontal or a smaller centrifugal juicer, because it has larger parts. A cleaning brush is provided which makes cleaning the mesh filter easier. However all parts are dishwasher-safe and most users find it easy to clean.
Assembly and disassembly is a bit hard to understand which is another drawback. However it is counterbalanced by the fact that ingredients need not have to be chopped as much.


Unless the mouth is locked properly which can be confirmed by hearing a ‘click’, the machine doesn’t start.


- Quiet operation
- Wide feed chute that reduces the prepping time
- Can extract nut milk/soy milk
- It’s claimed by Aicok that this will extract 30% more juice than centrifugal juicers
- Affordable


- Slow speed as compared to centrifugal juicers
- Too tall to fit under a cabinet
- Non-Ultem components that may crack if users try to juice harder ingredients like carrot
- It’s not been made clear if the materials are BPA-free
- Warranty perhaps could be longer

Bottom Line

For those who have no problem with slow juicing and are really concerned with maximum extraction of juice with all the nutrients and enzymes intact, Aicok 3" Big Mouth Whole Masticating Juicer is a very good juicer. It’s low-priced, easy to use, easy to clean, gives maximum yield and has 3 year warranty after which the users can upgrade. But till then it can go on pretty well according to most users.

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