Hamilton Beach 67650A Juicer (Grey) Review

When it comes to Hamilton Beach “Big Mouth” Juice Extractors, users should note that although there are many different variations in Big Mouth juicers, all of them are basically the same, just with a different color and different kinds of switches.

Readers should also note that although Big Mouth juicers are not different from each other when it comes to ease of use, assembly difficulty, performance etc. they are different from other juicer models from Hamilton Beach which are not labeled as Big Mouth, i.e. the HealthSmart and 2 speed juicers.

Published: March 18, 2019.

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Firstly users can find the phrase “Big Mouth Juice Extractor” in the names of all Hamilton Beach “Big Mouth” juicers, but their model numbers differ. But these different numbers show variation of only the color. Thus, whether it is 67650A (sometimes written just as 67650), 67602A, 67608 or 67601A, they are all same type of juicers, only with different colors.

Talking about Hamilton Beach 67650A Big Mouth Pro Juice Extractor, it preceded the 67608 Big Mouth Juice Extractor. It’s exactly the same as the 67608 but has a different color i.e. grey and a different mechanism that is used to turn the juicer on and off. While 67650A has a switch for this purpose, 67608 has a knob.

One more slight difference is the different colors of their parts. Rest everything is the same in both the machines. Even the manufacturer’s website gives the same features for both the juicers, including 800-watt motor and same dimensions. Readers should note that the motor of 67650A is sometimes given to be 1.1HP. Actually 800 watts is equal to 1.07282 HP which rounds to the tenth place and becomes 1.1 HP. Thus, only a different unit of measurement is used for the motor’s power, so, they should not get confused if the motor has different amounts of power.

Hamilton Beach 67650A Juicer Features


The assembly of Big Mouth Pro Juice Extractor is very easy and has the following steps:

- The filter bowl should be placed on top of the motor base

- The filter basket inside the filter bowl should be placed in such a way that it is fitted on the motor coupling that protrudes out from the top and center of the motor base

- The juicer cover should be placed on top of the filter bowl in such a way that its side that should extend over the pulp container in the following step comes opposite the side of the juice spout of the juicer

- Lift the latches on the back and front of the juicer from a horizontal position to a vertical position wherein they hook over the top of the cover and secure the filter bowl and cover in place

- Fit the pulp container beneath the side of the juicer cover that spreads away from the juicer’s main body

- Place the juice container beneath the juice spout and the food pusher in the feed chute

Difficulty in Assembly

Readers should note that the parts mentioned below (that are involved in the Big Mouth’s assembly) are exactly the same that are involved in the assembly of most other centrifugal juicers available in the market, such as even the much costlier juicers by Breville (like the Juice Fountain Plus).

hamilton beach 67650a juicer 2- Motor base (body)

- Juicer cover (that includes the feed chute)

- Juice container

- Filter bowl

- Filter basket

- Pulp container

- Food pusher

The only difference between these and the parts of other juicers are the structure and size of the parts; the two main exceptions are the feeding chute and filter basket. The Big Mouth has the feeding chute and filter basket of almost the same but slightly smaller size as that of most other centrifugal juicers.

Does the smaller size of the parts of Big Mouth make it easier to handle and assemble them? Not exactly.

Following are the differences between the Big Mouth and other centrifugal juicers that have an effect on assembly difficulty.

The Big Mouth has two different latches to secure the filter bowl and cover in place whereas several other centrifugal juicers (such as all Breville juicers) use only one safety locking arm. Due to the two latches instead of a single arm, the Big Mouth takes a bit longer to assemble. This is not a very big problem, but readers should note it.
The filter basket and motor coupling of the Big Mouth don’t have alignment makers that will match each other and facilitate the filter basket’s easy installation. All Breville juicers do have these, due to which installing their filter baskets is very easy, users just have to match the arrows on the filter basket with that on the motor coupling and put it in place. But the Big Mouth needs users to do a little trial and error with different positioning of the filter basket before it gets neatly secured in place on the motor coupling.

However, overall the Big Mouth is not very difficult to assemble.

Feeding Chute

The Big Mouth has a very large 3” wide feeding chute and therefore its name is the Big Mouth Juice Extractor. But most other centrifugal juicers on the market have the same size of feeding chute. However, the feeding chute of the Big Mouth is much larger than the feeding chutes of most slow juicers which are no bigger than 2 or 2.5 inch long and 1.5 inch wide. Due to their small feeding chutes (and also some other points) slow juicers, typically need most types of produce to be cut before juicing. On the other hand, most centrifugal juicers can take in most kinds of produce without needing to be cut.

The Big Mouth (and all other centrifugal juicers) requires only produce like apples to be cut, while most other foods like grapes, oranges, celery, carrots etc. can be added to it without cutting.

Hamilton Beach 67650A Juicer Ease of Use

Juicing Speeds

All Big Mouths are single-speed juicers and so, are extremely easy to use. Users just have to turn it on and start feeding it. They don’t have to worry about choosing the perfect speed for a specific type of produce.

Juice Container, Pulp Containers, Power Cord Length and Weight

The juice container of the Big Mouth is very small i.e. 20 oz. whereas that of the Breville Juice Fountain Duo and Multi-Speed is 48 oz. and that of Juice Fountain Compact is 32 oz.

Pulp container of Big Mouth is of a more practical size i.e. 90 oz.

The power cord of Big Mouth is only 28.5 inch long as compared to standard centrifugal juicers which usually have 41 inch long power cord.

The Big Mouth is a lightweight juicer. The weight of its body is only slightly more than 5lb. The fully assembled juicer weighs a little less than 8lbs. To keep a balance, the body and pulp container has been provided with 3 round rubber feet so that the juicer remains stable while working. The Big Mouth is the only centrifugal juicer which has rubber feet to its pulp container. However, it’s observed that despite the rubber feet, the juicer moves around while juicing harder produce like carrots, although it remains stable while juicing softer produce.

Being a single-speed juicer, the Big Mouth Pro is an easy to use juicer as compared to most other centrifugal juicer in terms of juicing. However, it has stability issues given its light weight. It also has a very short power cord and very small juice container.


Performance of Big Mouth Pro is excellent with most produce, with soft produce to be exact, when compared with many other centrifugal juicers. With harder produce, the result is a bit less impressive, but still quite good. However, it’s also seen that the yield is quite pulpy, i.e. there is more pulp than that in other centrifugal juicers, in its yield, particularly the yield of the juicer Compact which produces virtually pulp-free juice.


It can be definitely said that the quality of materials and construction of Big Mouth Pro is very low as compared to the pricier models like Breville Juice Fountain Plus. Big Mouth certainly falls short of the mark set by Breville juicers in terms of construction and material quality. All parts of Big Mouth are made either of plastic (not BPA-free) or cheap low-quality metals and so, are not long-lasting.

But if users want to use this juicer only sparsely and not very often and only for small quantities, this juicer can last quite long as experienced by many users who are already using it and are very happy with it. The durability issue can arise only if users juice frequently and large quantities of juice.

Ease of Cleaning

Big Mouth 67650A has darkened clear plastic parts and its body is less prone to staining than the white body of 67602A and is easier to clean than the stainless steel body of 67608. Its food pusher and filter bowl are made of black plastic and are stain-resistant and easy to clean. It also doesn’t have a chrome knob like 67608 and 67602A, but has a switch surrounded by a plastic trim which is easier to clean.

All in all, in the Big Mouth series, 67650A is the easiest to clean and the most stain-resistant model. So, if a user’s paramount criterion for the juicer is cleanliness, 67650A is the best option.

However, all the Big Mouth models have a low quality stainless steel filter basket and a filter basket is the most challenging part to clean on any centrifugal juicer.

Big Mouths’ filter baskets are especially hard to clean because the company offers a very low quality cleaning brush and also the mesh of the filter basket of Big Mouth just don’t give up food particles caught in it with normal soaking and scrubbing.

The filter baskets of Big Mouths have to be soaked overnight to be thoroughly clean whereas that of other centrifugal juicers need to be soaked in warm soapy water only for a few minutes.

The two latches of Big Mouths are also difficult to clean given their plastic material, complex design and a larger surface area than the safety locking arm found in other brands. Considering the fact that the juice and pulp find their way into the many crevices including the latches, keeping the latches clean is a major concern.

All in all, Big Mouths (including the 67650A) cannot be said to be totally easy to clean because they all have same quality cleaning brush, difficult to clean filter baskets and the locking latch design.


The Big Mouth is reportedly a noisy juicer.


The Big Mouth Pro has only 1-year warranty as per its user manual, but has a 3-year warranty as per the manufacturer’s website. If the latter is true, it’s longer than many other centrifugal juicers including Breville which are usually 1 (Breville) to 2 years (most others).

Pros of Big Mouth 67650A

hamilton beach 67650a juicer 3- Produces excellent quantity of yield for most produce

- Low priced

- 3-inch wide chute so takes in produce of most sizes

- External pulp collection and large pulp container for continuous juicing

- Excellent performer for soft produce; thus, if users plan to juice only produce like grapes, oranges etc. this is the best machine for them

Cons of Big Mouth 67650A

- Slightly less performance for hard produce; thus if users plan to juice mostly harder produce like apple and carrots, they should look for other better options

- A lot of pulp in the juice, which some users even prefer

- Cleaning becomes difficult due to its filter basket and latches

- Not durable if users plan to juice often and in large quantities

- Noisy

Bottom Line

Although Big Mouth seems to be a less durable and less dependable machine than most other popular brands, the particular piece the users choose can last quite long for them as it depends on how they use it. If they juice frequently and a large quantity, there may be durability issues.

But, if they don’t juice often and not in large amounts, the Big Mouth can last for many years. So, given its low cost, the Big Mouth is a good juicer for beginners and gives good value for money.

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