Hamilton Beach 67601A Juicer Review

Because of their great speed and power, centrifugal juicers are extremely popular and Hamilton Beach (67601A) Juicer is no exception. Its wide mouth allows users to feed whole veggies and fruits and extract a good amount of 24% more juice than any other juicer of its kind.

This juice extractor is easy to use and does an excellent job of juicing. The ejected pulp is almost dry and is kept separately making it easy to clean for the users. So, now users can enjoy the nutrition-packed diet they might have been planning for many days with the high-quality juice extracted from Hamilton Beach within a few minutes.

Published: May 19, 2018.

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Apart from the nutrition-rich juice, Hamilton Beach ejects the pulp of vegetables and fruits separately and that has several uses. Since the pulp contains healthy fiber and cellulose, it can be added to soups to give the body the daily dose of healthy fiber.

Or it can also be used as wonderful garden compost and especially it’s best for roses.

Hamilton Beach works also excellently to make healthy and nutritious almond or soy extract that is a perfect source of energy and nourishment for children.

Hamilton Beach 67601A Specifications

- Dimensions (in inches): 14.41 H x 7.8 W x 11.46 D

- Motor: 800-watt

- Chute: 3-inch extra wide

- Material: Stainless steel for blades and mesh screen and plastic for other parts

Contents of Package

- Motor unit safety lock

- Juicer lid with the 3” feed chute and the pusher

- 20 oz juice container and oversized pulp bin

- Stainless steel mesh screen and the blade

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Features of Hamilton Beach 67601A


Hamilton Beach has a powerful 800-watt motor that speeds up the process of juicing and save users’ time. It can deal with the toughest of produce, juicing them completely.

Safety Feature

The juicer has latches lock securing the lid in place.

Ease of Use

One of the best things about Hamilton Beach is that it’s extremely easy to use. All users need to do is to dice and slice fruits and vegetables just enough to pass through the feed chute and exert a bit of pressure with a pusher or by hand. Juice will come out from a handy juice spout on one side and pulp will be collected in the extractor bin.

However, the overall juice quality can be described as average and therefore it should not be refrigerated expecting a long shelf life. But the quantity is excellent and the pulp seems drier than normal.

For pulpy fruits and soft vegetables, the juice quantity is especially good. If users try to juice harder products, they may have to dribble a little water or soak products in water before adding them to the juicer.

Ease of Assembly

Hamilton Beach is easy to assemble and disassemble.


Hamilton Beach 67601A is a versatile juicer and can easily make juice even up to a dozen glasses or a single quart as well, depending upon the users’ requirement.

Quality of Juice

The robust 800-watt motor of Hamilton Beach does an excellent job of juicing no matter what is thrown to it. With nearly every single drop of juice being removed efficiently and the pulp coming out in a separate waste bin, the juice becomes tasty although because of the superfast speed of the motor, it has some amount of foam and oxidation, and eve a little pulp. It’s collected directly in a glass through a convenient spout so it’s ready-to-drink for users and there is no need to filter it. The juice can be either consumed fresh or can be stored in fridge for a while and can be enjoyed cool.

It’s recommended to peel fruits like melons, mangoes, orange and pineapple before throwing for juicing. Other fruits like apricots, cherries, peaches, nectarines and plums should be pitted before juicing.

hamilton beach 67601a juicer 3Quantity of Juice

As mentioned earlier, Hamilton Beach extracts almost every single drop of juice from fruits and veggies or nuts that are thrown into it. It produces 24% more juice than that produced by other juicers in the same class.

Best results can be obtained with Hamilton Beach 67601A by alternating the ingredients, e.g. first juicing a carrot, then an orange, then another tough product followed by a soft fruit. This will minimize build up in the mesh screen. Ending the juicing session with a hard vegetable is a good idea because it will help clear the mesh of pulp from the softer ingredients thus making cleaning easier.

Clean Up

With the pulp being collected in a separate bin, Hamilton Beach 67601A makes its clean up so easy.

The juice extractor is leak-proof thus keeps your place tidy and saves cleaning time. Once users finish the juicing, they can remove the plastic parts safely and quickly and clean them.

A soft-bristled cleaning brush is included that helps clean the blades and strainer basket easily.

Though it’s claimed by the manufacturer that the removable plastic components are dishwasher safe, it’s recommended to clean them right after juicing by hand as any fine particles can get stuck to the mesh.

Noise Level

Having a powerful 800-watt motor, Hamilton Beach is quite noisy, i.e. a bit above normal levels.


Hamilton Beach comes with a 3-year warranty.

Hamilton Beach 67601A Pros

- Powerful 800-watt motor can produce juice from even the hardest produce within a few minutes

- Extra-wide chute allows whole fruits and vegetables in

- Convenient juice spout to let users collect juice in a glass

- Large quantities of juice made at a time due to extra-large pulp bin so users don’t have to stop between juicing to remove the pulp, so juicing time is greatly reduced

- Removable plastic parts that are safe to handle, BPA-free and easy to clean and reassemble

- Soft-bristled brush included to clean strainer basket easily

- 3-year warranty

Hamilton Beach 67601A Cons

hamilton beach 67601a juicer m- Construction is not very good and doesn’t match the pricier models like Breville Juice Fountain Plus however it’s compensated with the low price

- Only 20 oz capacity of the juice container needs users to stop and empty into another jar if they want to produce a lot of juice

- Flimsy parts may need replacements periodically, especially for clumsy users

- A little frothy juice

- Just like any centrifugal juicer, Hamilton Beach is not very good at juicing leafy greens

- No juice jug included

Bottom Line

Hamilton Beach 67601A juice extractor has a lot of superb and unmatched features including a powerful motor, leak-proof bin to collect pulp separately and a wide-mouthed chute.

It’s an efficient juicer that comes at an affordable price and is perfect for users who are not very fussy about the end product and want a lot of juice within a short time during busy mornings.

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