Gourmia GJ1250 Wide Mouth Fruit Centrifugal Juicer Review

Gourmia GJ1250 Wide Mouth Fruit is an inexpensive, high-quality centrifugal juicer that does its job of juicing very well.

Almost all users who own it are happy with its performance because it can extract juice from the produce up to the last drop and can work equally efficiently with hard as well as soft veggies and fruits.

Published: December 27, 2018.

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Gourmia GJ1250 Features

1000 Watt Motor

The 1000-watt motor of Gourmia GJ1250 has a simple dial with two settings for quiet operation and maximum extraction. When users want to juice soft produce like tomatoes, oranges or lemons, they can choose “low” and for harder produce like ginger, beets and carrots, they can choose “high”.

CentriTract Centrifugal Extraction System

With its innovative CentriTract Centrifugal Extraction technology, Gourmia GJ1250 is not only able to extract maximum juice but also the purest and healthiest juice. This technology is a combination of rwa power and science behind centrifugal juicing and can turn anything from the hardest root veggies to softer seasonal fruits to healthy and tasty juices.

Wide Mouth

Gourmia GJ1250 has the Maxi-Feed big feeding chute and therefore it minimizes prepping time. Users don’t need to cut or slice food. They can throw in their veggies and fruits whole and thus don’t waste any of the valuable nutrients. However, some users find that if they cut the produce into smaller pieces, they get better yield and the pulp is also very dry, whereas if they throw in the fruits and veggies whole, they get less juice and a slightly wet pulp.

Pitcher and Pulp Collector with Large Capacity

Another great feature of the Gourmia GJ1250 is its large-capacity pitcher which can hold 32 ounces of juice. Also the container being large keeps most of the foam back when users pour the juice into a glass. The pulp tank can hold up to 8.5 cup pulp; so, users won’t have to stop in between to remove pulp and can experience continuous juicing.

Juice Quality and Quantity

Users of Gourmia GJ1250 are very happy with the juice quality and quantity. This juicer can take out up to 7 ounces of juice from a medium-sized grapefruit with the driest pulp.

Plus, the pitcher has its opening directly fitting over the spout; so, there is no mess, like drippings and sticky counters, etc.

Ease of Cleaning

All parts of Gourmia GJ1250 can be easily disassembled and are dishwasher safe. So, cleaning is very much easy. A cleaning brush has also been provided to clean hard-to-reach corners. Users who own this juicer claim that it takes about a minute for the cleanup of the entire product.

Noise Level

During operation Gourmia GJ1250 is extremely quiet, allowing the user to make juices and smoothies early in the morning or late in the evening, without worring about the noise.

Recipe Book

The package of Gourmia GJ1250 includes a recipe book with delicious and healthy recipes including Tropical Mango Blast, Refreshing Cucumber Mint Juice, Cooling Watermelon Juice, and more.

gourmia gj1250 1Pros of Gourmia GJ1250

Main pros of Gourmia GJ1250 are:

- Works with hard as well as soft produce equally well

- Extracts juice up to the last drop

- Quiet

- Easy to clean

- Low price

- Stronger motor than motor found at Gourmia GJ750

Cons of Gourmia GJ1250

Nothing as such - considering the price and all its features, we really can't say anything bad about this centrifugal juicer.

Bottom Line

Gourmia GJ1250 is perfect for those who want to enjoy the health benefits of juices on a budget. At a low price, it works excellently and is easy to clean too, thus offers the most bang for users’ bucks.

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