Cuisinart CCJ-500 Pulp Control Citrus Juicer

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Published: March 9, 2018.

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Today you will be reading about the Cuisinart CCJ-500 Pulp Control Citrus Juicer. We will discuss a little about some of its unique aspects and capabilities and whether you should invest in the purchase of this particular juicer.

So, first things first – what are some of the unique aspects of this juicer? Well, we’ll begin by mentioning the fact that this juicer features three different speeds that you can use for the process of juicing. You can set this setting to low, medium, or high, and the end result will differ in the sense that there will be more or less pulp depending on the setting that you have originally chosen.

Now, if you have read the name properly, then you will have realized that this juicer specializes in the extraction of the juice from the citrus fruits only. So, if you’re after purchasing a model of juicer that will be able to extract the juices from many other types of fruits and vegetables – then you should look elsewhere. But if you wish to drink orange juice or grapefruit juice or lemon juice – then this juicer is the perfect option for you. You will be able to effortlessly extract the juice from these kinds of fruits.
Another unique feature that separates this juicer from the competition is the so-called final spin feature. This feature is set in place so as to extract the last bit of juice from the fruit that you’re juicing in the device. And you will see that the end result is not negligible – with the help of this technology you will be able to extract a noticeably greater amount of juice from the fruit.

There will undoubtedly be some of you that are worried about the fact that the final product may end up being contaminated by domestic dust. In such a case, the juice that you will drink will not only taste bad, but it will not be as healthy as it could be. Well, there is a dust protection feature of this juicer that will prevent the entry of any dust particles in the juice that you’re about to drink so that you will be able to drink only the cleanest, freshest juice.

cuisinart ccj 500 2Then comes the look of the device. It features a pretty sleek design made from stainless steel. The juicer goes easy on the eyes – you can easily find a place where it will fit the environment in your home, no matter where you live. And the best thing about it is that this is not a very big device when it comes to size. It’s smaller than the industry standard, but it still gets the job done in extracting the juices from the citrus fruits. This makes this juicer very practical and you can take it with you no matter where you will go.

When you consider purchasing a new juicer – you will have to think about whether it would be easy for you to clean it out. After all, it’s only natural for any device that you will use to eventually get dirty just by the virtue of you using it. So, what happens if you need to clean the Cuisinart CCJ-500 Pulp Control Citrus Juicer? Well, it’s incredibly easy to clean this juicer out. Most of its parts are removable and they are fully dishwasher safe – this means that you won’t have to bother to manually clean the various parts of this device. Cleaning won’t be a problem when it comes to this device – you will just have to make sure that you do it with due diligence.

The extra-long snap-up spout will make sure that there aren’t any spillages of the juices that you’re extracting from your fruits. This will ensure that you will be able to fill more glasses with the fruit that you’re using. A big worry that many people have when it comes to buying juicers and using them to extract juice is that it simply won’t be worth it. They are used to getting mediocre results and only being able to fill half-a-cup with a big amount of fruit. Well, this problem will be non-existent with the use of the Cuisinart CCJ-500 Pulp Control Citrus Juicer as it will make sure to extract every ounce of juice from the fruit that you’re feeding the machine with.

The juicer works with phenomenal speed. As some of the people that have used it will attest – it typically takes longer to get a knife and cut a lime in two than to extract the juices out of the lime with the help of the juicer. And the same goes with all of the other citrus fruits. If speed is of the essence for you – then you will do well to purchase this juicer. You will find that it’s exceptionally easy for you to grab the fruits that you wish to grind and create wonderful juices that you can drink in order to stay healthy.

So, there you have it – we have reviewed some of the more important aspects of the Cuisinart CCJ-500 Pulp Control Citrus Juicer. We think that this is a great investment that you can make if you wish to drink healthy citrus fruit juices on a daily basis. The device works fast and it's easy to understand how to use it. It’s also very easy to clean it. So, this may very well be the smartest investment that you could make for the purpose of improving the health of your family. Buy it and see for yourself.

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