Breville BJE830BSS Juice Fountain Cold XL Centrifugal Juicer Review

Breville BJE830BSS is the new addition to Breville’s range of cold spin juicers. This elder sibling of Breville BJE430SIL and Breville BJE530BSS can be called the best designed Breville juicer so far and one of the best centrifugal juicers in the market.

With this new machine, Breville has changed its tradition of horizontal designs and has embraced a compact L-shape design. If juicing enthusiasts are looking for a beautiful and efficient kitchen appliance, they should definitely consider Breville BJE830BSS.

Published: December 18, 2020.

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Breville BJE830BSS Specifications

- Dimensions: 7.9” W x 15.7” D x 19.7” H

- Motor: 1200 Watts

- Voltage: 110-120 Volts

- Feed chute: 3.5 inch (89mm)

- Juicing jug: 70 fluid ounce (2L) Seal and Store Juicing Jug

- Warranty: 1-year limited product warranty


The package of the Breville BJE830BSS contains 1 Breville BJE830BSS Juice Fountain Cold XL Centrifugal Juicer motor base, 1 XL 70 fl. Oz. Seal and Store Juicing Jug, 1 juicer cover, 1 interlocking safety arm, 1 stainless steel filter basket, 1 pulp container, 1 filter bowl surround, 1 food pusher, 1 cleaning brush, and 1 juice nozzle to pour the juice directly in a glass.

Features of Breville BJE830BSS


Assembly of the Breville BJE830BSS is certainly not difficult. Users have to first wash all the detachable parts, except the motor base, and dry them completely. Then they should attach them to the motor base one-by-one – first filter bowl, then food pusher, pulp container, and the juice jug with its lid. The user manual has all detailed instructions for the assembly.


The construction of the Breville BJE830BSS has been made with high-quality materials. The color of the unit is brushed stainless steel. The cutting disc is made of stainless steel and is surrounded by an Italian-made mesh filter that ensures the temperature rise is insignificant. All the ABS plastic parts are BPA-free.


The Breville BJE830BSS is equipped with a powerful and smooth 1200 Watt motor that also guards against overheating even if users use the machine multiple times a day.

Blade Assembly

The blade assembly and mesh filter of the Breville BJE830BSS ensure prolonged performance. Since users can add whole fruits and veggies to the juicer due to its extra-large chute, the juicer grinds seeds, skins, and rinds of the produce and even extracts micronutrients in them.


The motor base of the Breville BJE830BSS features a variable speed control and off dial which offers 3 speeds viz. “Fast”, “Boost” and “Quiet” and the “Off” setting. While the Fast speed works for most juicing needs, the Boost range works for harder vegetables/fruits and leafy greens. With the “Quiet” range, users can extract juice at a considerably low noise.

Cold Spin Technology and Elevated Juicing System

Breville claims to overcome the problem of the low shelf life of juices extracted from centrifugal juicers with its proprietary Cold Spin Technology and Elevated Juicing System.

Typical high-speed centrifugal juicers collect the juice at the base of the juicing chamber which is close to the motor. This area may get heated up upon prolonged use due to which the quality of the juice is lowered with other external elements like oxidation and light contributing to the decline of the quality.

However, the Cold Spin Technology doesn’t allow the juice to touch the base of the chamber. The juice flows up towards the spout and through the stainless steel cutting disc encircled by an Italian-made mesh filter to allow only a negligible temperature transfer i.e. less than 1.8°F, and thus heat exposure is prevented.

Another system, the Elevated Juicing System, in the Breville Juice Fountain Cold range, positions the spout above the cutting disk and features a unique jug design, and thus maintains the quality of the juice. The semi-airtight pitcher in the system helps in this along with collecting the juice.

Thus, while usually the juice extracted from a typical high-speed juicer lasts for only 24 hours, the one extracted from the Breville BJE830BSS and other juicers in the Breville Juice Fountain Cold lineup lasts for 72 hours. This is especially helpful when the user is planning a 3-day juice cleanse.

Feed Chute

The Breville BJE830BSS has got an extra-large 3.5 inch (89mm) feed chute, making it easy for users to put a whole apple or carrot in the juicer. This will obviously cut the prepping time.

breville bje830bss chute

Large Seal and Store Juicing Jug

The juice cup that comes with the Breville BJE830BSS is an extra-large Seal and Store Juicing Jug with a capacity of 70 fl. oz. It comes with a sealing lid and a built-in froth separator. Thus, one can extract around 2L of juice for the whole family or store it in the refrigerator to use for up to 3 days.

Juice Nozzle

If one wants to pour their juice directly into another glass or cup, they can place a juice nozzle, included in the package, over the spout so that the juice will be added directly to the glass.

High Speed

While maintaining the quality of the juice, the Breville BJE830BSS extracts tasty juice full of nutrients 5 times faster than cold press juicers.


All the removable parts of the Breville BJE830BSS except the food pusher are dishwasher safe. However, as is the case with all high-speed juicers, one should be extra careful while cleaning the mesh-blade assembly. Users can even hand clean the parts using the cleaning brush included. Cleanup should be done immediately after juicing as if the remnants of the juice are allowed to dry, they are hard to clean. Cleanup tasks can also be minimized by placing a biodegradable bag inside the pulp container.

Users should clean the motor base with a soft, damp cloth and then dry it thoroughly. They should not immerse the motor base in water or any cleaning liquids.

Noise Reduction Technology

As such, being a centrifugal juicer the Breville BJE830BSS is quite noisy. However, it has been fitted with a Noise Reduction Technology due to which one can operate the juicer on the “Quiet” setting that reduces the noise by up to 40%.

Safety Device

The Breville BJE830BSS is equipped with a safety device that protects the unit from overheating. If there is overheating, the machine will automatically activate the device and the machine will be switched off. If this occurs, users should unplug the machine for at least 30 minutes to let the unit cool. Afterward, they can plug the juicer again and use it as normal. An indicator light on the speed control dial indicates that the overheating protection system is activated.

Ease of Use

The operation of the Breville BJE830BSS is not very complicated. Still, users have to go through the manual and take a few precautions. One of them is to use only fresh and clean produce. Next is to maintain the temperature to a certain level. Thus, users have to transfer the juice immediately to the refrigerator.

What can the Breville BJE830BSS Do?

The Breville BJE830BSS works best on soft fruits, dense produce, and citrus fruits.

Soft fruits include melon, tomato, peach, kiwifruit, pomegranate, papaya, mango, grapes, blackberry, strawberry, avocado, peach, cranberries, and more.

It also works well on dense produce like carrots, garlic, beets, apple, cucumber, pineapple, pumpkin, cauliflower, bitter gourd, sweet potato, pear, pepper, turmeric, fennel, watermelon, ginger, and more.

It also works well on citrus fruits like lime, lemon, orange, grapefruit, tangerine, and mandarin.

Pros of Breville BJE830BSS

breville bje830bss 2- Sturdy construction

- 1200 Watt powerful motor

- Cold Spin Technology and Elevated Juicing System ensure minimum heat transfer and help maintain the juice quality

- 5 times speedier juicing than cold press juicers while maintaining the juice quality

- Juice shelf life up to 3 days

- Powerful blade assembly and mesh filter extract even micronutrients from the produce

- 3-speed settings to handle various types of produce

- Extra-large 3.5” wide feed chute

- Large Seal and Store Juicing Jug with 70 fl. Oz. capacity

- Juicing nozzle included to pour the juice directly into a glass

- Easy cleanup

- Dishwasher-safe parts

- Easy assembly

- Overheating protection system

- Noise Reduction Technology included

Cons of Breville BJE830BSS

- Can’t handle leafy greens very well

- High speed causes a considerable amount of oxidation of the juice

- Expensive

- Short warranty

Bottom Line

The Breville BJE830BSS is unique among centrifugal juicers due to its Cold Spin Technology and Elevated Juicing System due to which the juice extracted from this juicer lasts for up to 72 hours, whereas juices extracted from other centrifugal juicers have a shelf-life of only 24 hours.

Its L-shaped design is also new and more space-saving than other Breville juicers with a horizontal design. The juicer also has all its components like feeding chute, pitcher, and pulp container in an extra-large size.

Thus for those looking for a beautiful high-speed juicer that can give them the best quality juice, the Breville BJE830BSS can be a perfect kitchen appliance.

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