Breville BJB840XL Juice and Blend Dual-Purpose Juicer and Blender Review

Breville BJB840XL is a two-in-one centrifugal machine designed for juicing as well as blending.

The two jobs are made possible by the machine’s die-cast interchangeable base that enables switching between juicing and blending attachments.

Published: December 12, 2018.

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Breville BJB840XL Juicer Specifications

- Blender motor power: 1,200 watt

- Juicer motor power: 1,000 watt

- Jug: 2 glass jugs – one 40 ounce (1.2 L) jug with froth separator and the other 51-ounce

- Speeds: 5 each for juicer and blender

- Feed chute: 3” wide circular

Breville BJB840XL Juicer Features

Two Separate Motors for Juicing and Blending

Breville BJB840XL has two separate motors - a 1000-watt motor for juicing and a 1200-watt motor for blending. This combination makes this machine one of industry’s most powerful machines.

Hemisphere Blades and Bowl Technology

This technology adhering to the base of the Breville BJB840XL eliminates the possibility of food traps for an easy cleanup.


The juicer as well as blender each has 5 variable speeds i.e. 6,500 RPM, 8,100 RPM, 9,700 RPM, 11,300 RPM & 13,000 RPM for the juicer and Mix, Chop, Blend, Liquefy and Puree for the blender so that they can work on all types of vegetables and fruits. Plus it has 3 Pre-Programmed Cycles such as smoothie, ice-crush and pulse settings.

Wide Feed Chute

The feed chute of Breville BJB840XL is 3-inch wide and so, accommodates whole veggies and fruits; thus, users don’t have to waste time in cutting the produce during the morning busy hours and juicing takes just a few minutes. However, some users argue that the feed chute is not 3” but is 2.5” and so, ingredients have to be cut.


Breville BJB840XL features a safety locking arm and an overload protection system that protects the machine from getting damaged due to overheating. If there is an overload, it automatically stops working.


Construction of Breville BJB840XL is very solid and therefore users can use it for years and it remains in a good condition. Both the glass jugs are resistant to chipping and scratches. Blades of juicer and blender are stainless steel and rust-free.

Noise Level

Breville BJB840XL is much quieter than expected.


Breville BJB840XL is very easy to clean. A nylon brush and pulp cleaning spatula are provided in the package which are helpful in cleaning. The parts can be easily detached for cleaning (blades can be removed with a tool provided in the package) and easily reassembled too for the next use after cleaning. All the attachments are dishwasher-friendly.

Accessories Provided

Accessories like a stainless steel micromesh filter basket, removable blade assembly, silicon gasket, cleaning brush, blade removal tool and pulp cleaning spatula are provided with Breville BJB840XL.

Added Features

The collecting jar of the machine features a froth separator. The package includes a user manual which contains a great collection of recipes that are helpful to a user who is new to juicing.

What Can It Do?

Breville BJB840XL is useful for making fresh juices, smoothies, blended drinks and dips. It processes fresh fruits as well as frozen fruits equally well. The juicer is good for juicing fresh fruits and veggies whereas the blender is excellent for making juices, milkshakes, dips, sorbets, cocktails and smoothies from softer fruits.

What It Cannot Do?

Being a centrifugal juicer, it cannot handle leafy greens very well.

Pros of Breville BJB840XL

breville bjb840xl juicer 2- Users get two machines in one for the price of one

- Durable

- Stable

- Handle most fruits and veggies well except some like leafy greens

Cons of Breville BJB840XL

- Since this model has been discontinued by Breville, replacement parts are not available anymore

- According to some users, there are too many parts to clean so cleaning takes a longer time than cleaning machines of most other brands, while many others find cleaning this machine a breeze

- Heavy machine but though it’s not portable, this can be a good point because of the stability it offers

Bottom Line

Breville BJB840XL is perfect for one’s juicing and blending needs and for those who have neither a juicer nor a blender. It’s a good investment because its performance is great and it works for years after years. There are a few shortcomings but the benefits outshine them.

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