BELLA (13694) High Power Juice Extractor Review

The most outstanding feature of BELLA (13694) High Power Juice Extractor is its 1,000-watt motor which is not usually found in juicers in this price range.

It’s remarkable that this blender stands out from the crowd with its high power and durability which is also rare in this price range.

Even heavy everyday use doesn’t make any difference to its efficiency and performance according to several users with which it proves to be a workhorse for a small price.

Published: June 10, 2019.

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BELLA (13694) High Power Juice Extractor Specifications

- Type: Centrifugal ejector juicer

- Dimensions: 17.3” height x 9.7” width x 14” depth

- Weight: 8.8 pounds

- Motor: 1,000-watt

- Voltage: 110 Volts

- Speed Settings: Two – High at 14,000 RPM and Low at 12,000 RPM

- Material: Stainless steel cutting disk and strainer, motor base with a polished stainless steel finish

- BPA-free: Yes, all parts are BPA-free

- Chute: Large 3” feed chute

BELLA (13694) High Power Juice Extractor Package

Package of BELLA (13694) includes:

- 1 motor with stainless steel housing

- Transparent plastic cover

- BPA-free 34oz juice jug with splash-free lid

- Blade basket

- Food pusher

- Juice bowl

- Removable pulp basket with micro mesh filter

- Cleaning brush

- Manual with recipes

Features of BELLA (13694) High Power Juice Extractor

Motor and Speeds

BELLA (13694) comes with a 1,000-watt heavy-duty motor and two speed settings of 12,000 RPM and 14,000 RPM which is quite confusing as there is only a difference of 2,000 RPM. It would have been better if the other setting would have been of 6,500 RPM.


BELLA (13694) has rubber feet that prevent the machine from slipping or sliding while being operated.


The BELLA (13694) is nice to look at with its shiny polished stainless steel housing which is resistant to stains and drips. The housing has a locking clamp that prevents spills. The machine has LED on/off switch.

Compact and Lightweight

With its compact size, BELLA (13694) won’t occupy a large space on a kitchen counter and is easily storable. It’s also just above 8 pounds and hence can be easily moved around although some users find it heavy.


BELLA (13694) comes with very sharp stainless steel blades that extract juice from the produce at a high speed.

Juice Jug

The large 1-liter (34-oz) juice jug of BELLA (13694) comes with a splash-free lid and pouring spout for a hassle-free juicing experience.

Feed Chute

Feed chute of BELLA (13694) is 3” inch wide so users can throw fruits like apples without cutting them. Even a medium-sized orange can be thrown in the chute without chopping, although peeling is advisable to avoid bitterness. This is great for those who are in a hurry in the morning and want a quick refreshing glass of juice. Large items like watermelon or pineapple have to be pre-cut.

Juice Quality

Because BELLA (13694) rotates at such high speeds, it sucks in some air too, and the juice gets oxidized somewhat faster than the juice produced by the slow press juicers. So, the juice has to be consumed as soon as possible after extracting to get its maximum benefits. It’s recommended to remove the foam that accumulates on top. Also, a significant amount of pulp ends up in the juice - some people don't like it, but some do! :)

If at all, someone needs to store the juice, he should not store it beyond 24 hours – otherwise it’ll spoil. The juice should always be stored in the refrigerator.

Juice Quantity

BELLA (13694) extract the most from hard fibrous veggies and fruits like carrot, radish, cauliflower, celery, apple, cucumber etc. However, it will struggle with leafy vegetables as users will have to squeeze them to extract most from it.

Manual with Recipes

The manual that comes with the package has some great suggestions and recipes to help users get started with this juicer.

Noise Level

BELLA (13694) is loud enough to scare a toddler nearby or even wake people in the next room.

bella 13694 features

Ease of Cleaning

It doesn’t take more than 5 minutes to disassemble and clean BELLA (13694). Plus, it comes with a cleaning brush with which cleaning the cutting disk and strainer shouldn’t be a big problem. Cleaning immediately after using is advisable so that pulp won’t dry up.

Users may apply the common trick of lining the pulp bin with a plastic bag which they can throw later and the ejector bin doesn’t need to wash.

Parts are dishwasher safe for the top rack only.


BELLA (13694) comes with a 2-year warranty on material and workmanship and 90-day warranty on non-mechanical parts.

What can BELLA (13694) Do?

BELLA (13694) works best on hard fibrous vegetables such as carrot, beet, cucumber, zucchini and celery, and fruits like apple, pear, strawberry and more. However, some users complain that it has hard times with hard produce like beet and carrots. These users can avoid force feeding and use slow pace while pushing produce down.

What BELLA (13694) Cannot Do?

Being a centrifugal juicer, BELLA (13694) has hard times with leafy greens like kale and spinach. However, there is a solution to roll these veggies tightly and stuff them into the feed chute. They can also be wrapped around other hard fruits or veggies.

It also cannot work very well with citruses such as lemon or orange, and even pineapple. A trick here is to alternate between hard and soft produce which will maximize the yield.

BELLA (13694) cannot make nut butter or sorbet, grind coffee or process food.

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Pros of BELLA (13694) High Power Juice Extractor

- Strong 1,000-watt motor

- Very low price

- Large feed chute that reduces preparation time

- Stain-resistant stainless steel finish

- BPA free

Cons of BELLA (13694) High Power Juice Extractor

- Takes in some air

- Don’t work well with leafy greens

- Very noisy

- Only 2,000 RPM difference between the two speed settings

- Some users have got their plastic parts cracked

- Some users find it difficult to assemble and disassemble

bella 13694 juice extractor mBottom Line

BELLA (13694) High Power Juice Extractor is an excellent juicer as a first juicer for beginners with a strong motor, wide feed chute and significant juice quantity for a very low price.

 Also, people needing a cheap centrifugal juicer for quick juicing should consider this model.

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