Aigerek Vacuum Blender Drink Mixer & Ice Crusher Review

Aigerek Vacuum Blender Drink Mixer & Ice Crusher is an easy and safe to use system. It pulverizes vegetables, fruits and even the nutritious green smoothies and protein shakes effortlessly.

With its total crushing technology, it makes sure that all ingredients blend well in seconds.

Published: July 30, 2018.

aigerek smoothie blender 2Contents of Package

- 1 blender
- 1 vacuum jar
- 1 juicing jar
- 1 instruction manual
- 1 recipe book


- Dimensions: 205 x 210 x 460 mm
- Volume: 10 oz, 50 oz, 250 oz and 1500 ml
- Weight: 4.2 kg
- Material: Plastic (BPA-free)

Aigerek Vacuum Blender Features

Using a Vacuum Blender

Before mixing, users have to remove air from the juicing jar; thus a closed vacuum environment will be formed. This will prevent oxidization of the juice by reducing contact with air. The juice thus formed contains much less of bubbles and retain more of plants’ biochemical elements and also original flavor.

High Speed Blade

The high-speed 6-tip stainless steel blade of Aigerek Vacuum Blender spins at 23,000 RPM and therefore smashes vegetables and fruits instantly whereby it smashes the cell walls of the plant material and extracts biochemical and various other nutrients from them to improve it to be favorable for the body to absorb. Thus it’s one of the best products available today to make drinks that are optimally healthy and nutritious.

Automatic Self Cleaning

All parts of Aigerek Vacuum Blender are BPA-free and its vacuum cup is made from non-toxic Tritan material. All parts are dishwasher safe. It also includes automatic self-cleaning blender bottle which users have to fill with the right amount of water (i.e. 1/3rd) and press the ‘pulse’ button; it will easily wash itself.

Vacuum Function

The vacuum blender is a result of independent research and development and has created anaerobic vacuum function that helps to maintain the nutrients in vegetables and fruits, prevent loss of nutrients from vegetables and prevent loss of taste.

aigerek smoothie blender 1

Safety Features

Aigerek Vacuum Blender includes power-off memory function along with non-slip sucker as well as cooling base which keep the blender stable while working. The machine reaches 750 watts of power at its optimum performance with 120V ~ 60 Hz voltage.

Bottom Line

Aigerek Vacuum Blender is a great blender for those who wish to have optimum nutrition from fruits and vegetables. It has new technology with which it ensures to maintain all the nutrition in the recipe and offers maximum health to the users.

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