Simple Apples-Carrot Juice Recipe

Apples and carrots have many health benefits, combined even more. There are commercial apple-carrot juices on the market, but nothing can beat freshly made apple-carrot juice in terms of taste, fragrance, and aroma.

And preparation is so simple - just take 2-3 apples and one carrot and thoroughly wash them with plain water. Also, be sure to cut off the carrot's ends.

Published: August 10, 2021.

apple carrot juice 1

Depending on the juicer you have, some more peeling and slicing are required - slow, cold press, masticating juicers don't require fruits to be chopped, but they also need more time to make the juice.

apple carrot juice 2On the other hand, if you are in a hurry, peel off apples, remove their seeds, chop everything to smaller pieces and put into the juicer.

Unlike masticating juicers, centrifugal juicers will shred foods to small pieces and mix everything with air. But they do their job much faster.

Depending on the juicer type and size, juice is done in 5-15 seconds.

Sip the juice in the glass and drink it right away.

However, if you wish to prepare juice to be kept for day or two, cold-press masticating juicers are highly recommended.

Amount of produced juice depends on the amount of used foods, and type of juicer.

apple carrot juice 3

Apple-carrot juice has many health benefits:

- carrots are very rich in vitamin A, but they also have vitamin C and K, all of which are very important for human health,

- estimated glycemic load of 100g of carrots is ~3, while the estimated glycemic load of 100g of apples is also ~3 - it is very easy to make apple-carrot juice that has glycemic load of less than 8-10!

- apples also have many health benefits of their own, like cholesterol reduction, anti-asthma, help with weight reduction etc.

Since this recipe is so simple to make, be sure to enjoy it regularly, just be sure that it fits your daily macronutrient content.

And to avoid boredom, feel free to add from time to time other foods too, like few leaves of parsley, celery or spinach, or few berries or kiwi fruit - options are really endless :)

Enjoy it!


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