Frozen Blueberries and Cottage Cheese Smoothie

Frozen blueberries and cottage or some similar low-fat cheese can be blended into the great, very refreshing smoothie. During summer such smoothie can be even served as healthy ice-cream. And it is prepared rather quickly.

Published: March 22, 2018.

blueberries cheese smoothie 1Put frozen blueberries into the suitable tall pot.

Since blueberries' stains are hard to clean, be sure that the pot is tall enough to prevent droplets from flying around, but still low enough that your hand blender can easily reach and blend the ingredients.

blueberries cheese smoothie 2Cottage cheese or similar low-fat cheese is rich in slow digesting protein and it makes one feel satiated for longer period of time.

Also, such cheese is rich in calcium (great!) and sometimes with salt (not so great - check salt content and choose the brand with low amount of salt).

Since both berries and cottage cheese have low glycemic index and since it takes rather long time to digest blueberries-cheese smoothie, this meal has very low glycemic load.

blueberries cheese smoothie 3Put the cheese into the pot with blueberries, add some water (but not much) and using hand blender, blend everything.

Since fresh blueberries are not available year long, if you are preparing this meal during winter, take the blueberries out of freezer at least 1-2 hours before making this smoothie and keep them on the room temperature. Also, use warm (warm, not hot!) water for the smoothie.

During summer, in order to make healthy ice cream, fresh berries can be put in the freezer for few hours and than used for smoothie - use cold water, or even ice cubes. Blend everything and put back into the freezer for another 30 minutes and you will get guilt-free ice cream, loaded with slow digesting protein, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants etc.

blueberries cheese smoothie 4

By varying amount of water, consistency of the smoothie can be changed - more water and the smoothie can be consumed with the straw, less water and the smoothie can be consumed with the spoon.

Serve the smoothie in the glass, if you want to decorate it feel free to use whole blueberries and/or chocolate crumbs and - enjoy it!

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