Canned Tuna Pate Recipe

Canned tuna can be used in many ways, one of the tastiest is using it for quick canned tuna pate recipe.

To make such pate, one needs 1-2 canned tuna, a lemon, and some vegetables and spices. And a good hand or similar blender ...

Updated: October 29, 2021.

For making canned tuna pate, choose tuna canned in extra virgin olive oil, preferably tuna from Atlantic or Mediterranean (lower mercury content).

Put canned tuna in a fine strainer and let all the oil drain away. Using lemon juice, wash tuna meat from the olive oil even further - this will lower calorie count in tuna, leaving pleasant taste of olive oil and lemon.

canned tuna pate recipe 1
 Put tuna into the suitable bowl ... canned tuna pate recipe 2
 ... and add vegetables like cooked carrots, various beans and peas, corn and similar.

In order to make things simpler and faster, feel free to use canned vegetables, just be sure to wash it thoroughly before adding them.

Add some pepper and depending on the your taste, add some salt - canned tuna and vegetables usually contain more than enough salt.

Few drops of vinegar also improves the taste, just don't forget that there is already some lemon juice mixed with tuna.

canned tuna pate recipe 3

 Using hand blender (or any similar blender) blend everything in a smooth fish pate.

canned tuna pate recipe 4

Few notes:

- green and black olives have special fragrance and give excellent taste and aroma to fish pate - add few of them before blending.

- adding pickled cucumbers gives nice, acidic aroma, but pate becomes little bit too soft - IMHO, of course.

- tuna canned in water or oil? Olive oil gives better taste than salt water, so choose good, high quality canned tuna. And adding lemon juice when the tuna is in the strainer doesn't remove all the oil from the fish.

- grilled tuna - if you like barbecued fish, take one barbecued tuna steak and make yourself a tuna pate, just be sure not to use canned vegetables. Why? Well, such barbecued tuna steak 'deserves' freshly cooked vegetables - just be sure not to add to much vegetables.

canned tuna pate recipe 5

Spread canned tuna pate onto whole grain toast and serve with green and black olives, some lemon juice, whole cherry tomatoes, some good wine ...

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