Health Benefits of Strawberries

health benefits strawberries mStrawberries are delicious fruits that grow seasonally and they come in many different varieties. They grow in bushes and are popular all around the world. They are known for their immunity boosting capabilities, but come with many other benefits as well. Strawberries are usually eaten raw, but are also often added in different recipes and used in fruit salads.

Published: March 23, 2018.

Strawberries are also used for making ice creams, syrups, jellies, chocolates, and other processed foods because they have a wonderful taste, beautiful color and very rich flavor.

Strawberries are rich with fiber and are full of antioxidants. Antioxidants are known as health boosters as they help many internal processes inside the body. Besides antioxidants, there are also plenty of polyphenols, vitamins, nutrients and minerals inside strawberries, all working in different ways in boosting your health. Potassium, magnesium, manganese and folate are some of the minerals found in strawberries.

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Regarding major benefits that come from strawberries, this fruit is known for its capabilities to improve people's eyesight, boost brain function, relieve arthritis and blood pressure, and help against numerous cardiovascular problems. The antioxidant and polyphenols present are best for giving your entire immune system a boost and preventing cancers from developing. Besides all that, strawberries are also ideal fruit to consume for preventing the symptoms of premature aging. The following are brief descriptions of each of the benefits associated with this delicious fruit.

- Improving eye health and eyesight are one of the top benefits from consuming strawberries. Eye problems occur when free radicals affect the person's sight because there is lack of some important nutrients. These free radicals are very dangerous substances that can significantly damage your eyes. They are major contributor for dry eyes, vision defects, eye infections and degeneration of eye nerves. When you consume strawberries you are supplying your body with necessary antioxidants like phelolic phytochemicals and flavonoids, which battle the dangerous free radicals. Strawberries can also help people regulate their eye pressure. This is because the potassium present in strawberries is great for maintaining proper ocular pressure.

- Strawberries are immunity boosters and are protecting your organism from infections, bacteria, germs and other dangerous issues. The large presence of Vitamin C in strawberries keeps you safe from common health problems like cough, cold and flu. Antioxidants are neutralizing the harmful microorganisms in the body and prevent diseases from developing. Even just one serving of strawberries surpasses people's daily Vitamin C requirement, so consuming strawberries every day will keep you both happy and healthy.

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- Due to the presence of magnesium, Vitamin K, and potassium in this fruit, strawberries are very beneficial for keeping your bones healthy. The mentioned elements prevent your bones from breaking as you age. Also the antioxidants have anti-inflammatory properties so they are helpful against different inflammations.

- Strawberries can prevent the appearance and spreading of different forms of cancers. This is because of the flavonoids like quercetin, folate, kaempferol and anthocyanins, which all have anti-cancer and antioxidant properties. All of them combined together are very powerful in the battle against tumors and cancers. By eating strawberries on daily basis one can significantly reduce the number of cancer cells.

- Among many other benefits, weight loss is another one that comes from strawberries. This is because this fruit contains nutrients that speed up metabolism and eliminate the feel of hunger.

- Improved cardiovascular health is another benefit of strawberries. Strawberries are perfect for improving the work of your heart, because of the presence of ellagic acid which improves the overall functioning of heart. Strawberries are also rich with nutrients that eliminate the presence of bad cholesterol in your blood, so they lower the risk of getting some kind of heart disease.

- Strawberries are also proven to improve the work of your brain. Especially older people that have problems with memory would benefit a lot from strawberries, as the antioxidants are efficiently battling the signs of natural and premature aging of the brain. The brain tissue is well protected with the help of strawberries and your central nervous system is kept in proper shape. Phytochemicals and Vitamin C in strawberries work by neutralizing the harmful effects that free radicals have on the brain. They are rejuvenating your entire brain system and feed your brain with iodine, which is an essential brain nutrient. Iodine is responsible for proper functioning of your brain, so iodine intake is extremely important for keeping your brain healthy. Potassium of strawberries improves your cognitive functioning of your brain because this mineral helps in creating better blood flow that leads to your brain. Increased levels of potassium lead to better memory and stronger recall abilities. That is one of the many reasons why strawberries are often labeled as brain food.

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These were the major health benefits that you can expect to get from consuming strawberries. Regarding downsides, truth is that strawberries are very safe to consume if eaten in normal amounts. There should not be any negative side effects although certain precautions are advised. For example, people that have some kind of blood disorder should consume strawberries moderately, after consulting a doctor or medical professional. This is because there are certain concerns that larger amounts of eaten strawberries can lead to increased risk of bleeding for those people that have this kind of disorder. This also applies for patients that have undergone a surgery. It is advised for people that have scheduled a surgery to avoid eating strawberries at least couple of weeks before the surgery date. Regarding pregnant and breastfeeding women, strawberries are safe to consume, so there are no worries for mothers and mothers-to-be.

As we can conclude, strawberries are one of the most powerful fruits you can find. Rich with plenty of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, full of flavor and with wonderful aroma, strawberries are ideal fruit to consume in any period of the year. The benefits that come from this fruit are innumerable, so consider the things mentioned here and increase the intake of this delicious fruit.

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