Health Benefits of Lemon, Lemonade and Lemon Water

health benefits of lemon 1Lemon belongs to the group of citrus fruits and is known for its great therapeutic characteristics. It is ideal fruit for boosting your health and keeping the bacteria away. It is also very rich source of numerous vitamins and minerals.

Lemon has Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, zinc, thiamine, niacin, riboflavin, copper, iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and plenty of flavonoids. Such presence of so many powerful ingredients means that consuming lemon, lemonade and lemon water can bring you dozens of great health benefits.

Published: March 23, 2018.

It is perfect fruit for preventing fever, regulating digestion, preventing diabetes, as well as improving the state of your teeth, hair and skin. Lemonade and lemon water have proven to be very effective in elimination of kidney stones as well.

- Regulating digestion is one of the top benefits that come from consuming lemon water. Issues like belching and bloating are easily eliminated, and drinking lemon water on an empty stomach can give you an instant boost and will keep your digestive tract healthy.

- Lemon, lemonade and warm lemon water are ideal for combating illnesses. That is because they have anti-bacterial properties. Freshly squeezed lemonade can significantly improve your immunity and lemon water will always keep you hydrated and refreshed.

- As we all know, lemon is perfect solution in treatments against flu, fever or cold. It also improves person's mood and minimizes depression, stress and anxiety.

- Dental health is also improved by consuming lemons, lemonade or lemon water. Lemon has shown soothing properties and can help against toothache. Using lemon to massage your gums can also prevent gum bleeding and will prevent the bad odors associated with different types of gum diseases.

health benefits of lemon 2- Lemon is great for weight loss, and especially drinking lemon water is beneficial in that matter. This is because the lemon water gives you sense of fullness and reduces appetite. Lemon water and lemonade both boost energy and speed up the metabolism, so that contributes towards weight loss.

- Lemon is considered a natural diuretic. That means it promotes bigger production of urine, so you can easily flush away the toxins out of your organism. Drinking lemon water and lemonade can prevent many urinary tract infections from developing. Both lemonade and lemon water are very effective in treatment against kidney stones, because of the citric acid present in the lemon. The citric acid breaks down crystals and eliminates kidney stones.

- Consuming lemon fresh or as lemonade or lemon water can be very beneficial for skin and hair health. Even just one glass of lemonade per day can help you get better looking skin. Large amounts of Vitamin C can heal damaged skin tissue and lighten up the dark spots. Acnes are also reduced, so you are getting clean and smooth skin. Apart for skin health, Vitamin C is great for good hair health as well. Drinking lemonade can help those people that have dry hair or that have dandruff problems. Your scalp health will also improve.

- Lemon is a fantastic detoxifier, so lemon water can easily flush out dangerous toxins from your body. By adding a little bit of salt in the lemon water you can remove all the tiny bacteria that have accumulated inside your body. Lemon, lemonade and lemon water are all good for maintaining proper pH balance. Lemon water can effectively help you restore your natural pH levels. Having a good pH balance is very important because if your pH balance is poor then you can face serious issues with your digestive tract, arthritis, osteoporosis, or develop some skin disease. Good pH balance helps you digestion and nutrient absorption, so make a habit to consume at least glass or two of lemonade or lemon water every day.

- Lemonade and lemon water are great for better mineral absorption in your body. Minerals are essential nutrients which are not naturally produced inside our bodies, so we must take them through foods and drinks. If the mineral absorption is good then all our other internal functions will become better and our organisms will become more resistant to different health issues. Therefore, eating lemons or drinking lemonade and lemon water can help our body in achieving better mineral absorption. That way we are making ourselves resistant to anemia, osteoporosis, muscle weakness and cardiovascular problems.

health benefits of lemon 3Regarding the side effects of lemon juice, there are a few of them and they are mostly because of the acidity of lemons. Excessive consumption of lemon or lemonade can lead to damage of tooth enamel.

Drinking a lot of lemonade or lemon water can also lead to frequent urination because lemon has diuretic properties. Drinking too much lemonade or lemon water can also sometimes provide feel of burning in the chest because of the citric acid present in the lemon.

Gallbladder or kidney problems are also possible with excessive consumption of lemon or lemon water. This is because lemon contains ingredients called oxalates, which are known to crystallize after certain period of time and that can lead to development of gallbladder or kidney stones. Some people may also experience nausea or vomit if they consume lemon excessively.

As mentioned, acidity levels in lemon are high, so you should consume it moderately to avoid any problems. Finally, although rare, some people may be allergic to lemons and lemons can cause irritations to people's skin, especially to those who have dermatitis.

These were the positive and negative sides you can expect from lemon, lemonade and lemon water. As you can see there are plenty of them. In general, lemon is a fantastic fruit with many great health benefits, but it also has fair share of side effects due to its acidity.

As with all other things, consuming moderately is the key to avoiding problems. If you follow your doctor's advice and consume this fruit in moderate amounts then you should never experience any problems. On the contrary, you should boost your immunity and improve your overall health.

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