Health Benefits of Garlic

Garlic comes with an intense aroma and flavor and it is herb most commonly used in many different cuisines. Garlic can also be consumed raw and its powerful flavor comes with many great benefits.

This is because garlic contains sulfur compounds that can boost your overall immunity. There are plenty of essential nutrients inside garlic, including amino acids, oligosaccharides, flavonoids and allicin.

Published: March 23, 2018.

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Regular consumption of garlic improves overall health and helps proper functioning of many internal organs in the body.

One of the main reasons why garlic is such a potent herb with numerous health benefits is because of the ingredient called allicin. This is a therapeutic ingredient that has been used in many medicines around the world. It contains sulfur, which is responsible for garlic's distinct smell. There are dozens of great benefits that come from garlic, so it is hard to count them all. Among major health benefits, garlic is great for prevention of illnesses, helps against heart problems, relieves coughs and lowers down blood pressure. The following are a few other benefits with more explanations regarding each one of them.

- Garlic has proven to be very good in improving digestion. It eliminates numerous digestive problems and it contributes toward better functioning of your intestines. Eating garlic is advised in situations when your gastric canal is irritated or swollen.

- Garlic is also very good for your eyes and ears. This is because it contains nutrients like Vitamin C, Selenium and Quercetin, which are known to be very helpful in treating eye swelling and eye infections. If you have an earache then you would benefit a lot from garlic consumption, because this herb has numerous antibiotic, antifungal and antiviral properties.

- Eating raw garlic is beneficial in treatment of cold, flu and coughs. A couple of crushed cloves per day when you feel ill should be enough in relieving you from symptoms of cold.

- Garlic is also very good in treating different intestinal problems. It is especially good herb to consume if you have problems with colitis or diarrhea. It can quickly dispel bad worms, but it never affects the useful microorganisms in your intestinal organs. All it does is it efficiently destroys the bad bacteria inside your intestines.

- People that struggle with high blood pressure would love garlic, because reducing hypertension is one of the key benefits that come from this potent herb. The allicin present in the garlic works by relaxing blood vessels and allowing better blood flow. Garlic is also known to be very good in fighting thrombosis as well. Besides battling high blood pressure, garlic can help against many other blood problems like issues with high cholesterol, heart diseases and atherosclerosis.

- Diabetic people can put their blood sugar levels under control by increasing intake of garlic. Diabetes is a very serious illness that can affect person’s kidneys, heart, eyes and nervous system. Eating garlic can stop some of the effects associated with diabetes and it can fight against bad cholesterol.

- Due to the fact that garlic contains many powerful antioxidants, it is also believed that it can prevent certain age-related illnesses like dementia and Alzheimer's disease. The antioxidants present in the garlic are supporting your body's mechanisms for protection against oxidative damage. When your bad cholesterol levels are reduced and your blood pressure is in normal levels, then the antioxidant properties of garlic are working in full power to prevent certain brain diseases like Alzheimer's and dementia from developing.

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These were the positive things from garlic, but what are the side effects? Truth is that garlic is safe and natural product to use. However, raw garlic can provide burning sensation in your mouth and it can give you bad breath if consumed in larger quantities. Other possible negative symptoms include increased gases, nausea, body odor, bloating and diarrhea. All these can be experienced if raw garlic is taken in high amounts.

Another downside of garlic is that it can increase the risk of bleeding because it is known as natural blood thinner. If you are taking any medication for blood thinning then you first must speak and consult your doctor before consuming garlic. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not worry about any problems regarding garlic, if the garlic is taken in reasonable food amounts. Garlic is also safe for children if consumed moderately.

Those people that have some gastrointestinal problems should know that eating raw garlic can lead to irritation of their gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, people with stomach ulcers should definitely avoid consuming garlic in raw form. Garlic can also irritate sensitive skin by giving burning sensation, so be careful how you handle garlic if your skin is sensitive.

In any case, always consult your doctor before you eat raw garlic, especially if you have ulcers, low blood pressure, problems with thyroid gland, or heart problems. Also talk and seek advice from your doctor if you use certain medications that can thin your blood, because garlic is relatively strong blood thinner. If you want to avoid negative side effects of garlic it is advisable for you to follow a couple of simple tips. First, consume garlic in moderate, culinary doses. Second, avoid eating raw garlic in large amounts.

In conclusion we can say that most of the garlic benefits have been scientifically proven, so garlic is a very powerful herb that can bring many good things for your health. It reverses heart problems, keeps your blood pressure in perfect balance, helps against diabetes, prevents Alzheimer's and dementia, and battles different forms of cancer. In order to make the most out of garlic and its powerful compounds, it is advisable you consume it either raw or crushed. If consumed moderately, garlic is one of the best herbs you can use for prolonging your life and improving your health. Consider the positive and negative sides and remember that eating in moderation is the shortest and healthiest way to experience all the positive characteristics from garlic.

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