Health Benefits of Apples

health benefits of apples 1Apples are one of the most beneficial and most tasty fruits in the world. They are great for quenching thirst and for providing you with essential minerals and vitamins.

Today there are thousands of different varieties of apples and they also come in different colors like green, yellow and red.

Published: March 23, 2018.

When it comes to health benefits associated with apples, there are a lot of them because they are full of organic compounds and other nutrients. Most common elements found in apples include Vitamins B6, C, K and riboflavin.

Minerals present in apples include magnesium, potassium and copper. Apples are also very rich in fiber and contain many flavonoids like phloridzin, epicatechin, quercetin and others, all of them helping your organism in different ways.

The list of health benefits of apples is pretty long and the following are just a few of them:

- Apples are ideal for people that have diabetes. They contain polyphenols, which are ingredients that reduce the uptake of carbohydrates in people's bodies. With apples you can easily control the levels of sugar in your blood. The polyphenols present in apples work by lowering the absorption of glucose in your digestive tract and also boost the natural production of insulin in your pancreas. All of that keeps your blood sugar levels properly balanced, so diabetic people can benefit a lot from apples.

- Those looking to drop some weight should also consider consuming more apples. Apples make you feel full and reduce your appetite. They are also work great in speeding up people's metabolism so calories taken from food are quickly burned.

- Apples can significantly improve people's intestinal health. They contribute towards proper functioning of beneficial bacteria in your digestive tract and keep them balanced, while at the same time harmful bacteria and dangerous toxins are flushed away.

- When it comes to digestion, apples are rich with fiber so that contributes towards better food digestion. If you regularly eat apples you will ensure smooth movement of your bowels and will prevent many different stomach problems and disorders. Fiber from the apple stimulates smooth movement of food inside your body and also boosts the release of important digestive juices. That leads to better uptake of essential nutrients and elimination of excess cholesterol.

health benefits of apples 3

- Apples are also good for anemia treatments. This is because they are full of iron and iron is the ingredient which anemic people lack. Iron is one of the most important ingredients for people because it contributes for development of red blood cells. When you increase the number of red blood cells in your body you are ensuring good oxygenation and proper functioning of your vital internal organs.

- People that struggle with rheumatism would benefit a lot from apples, because apples help the healing process. The presence of flavonoids can reduce numerous rheumatoid conditions and other inflammatory problems.

- Some studies have pointed that apples play big role in cancer prevention. They can moderately improve situation in patients with colon and breast cancer. Apples have also shown great results in reducing lung cancer and slowing it down to spread if it develops.

- Many respiratory problems can be solved by increasing the intake of apples. People's respiratory system is usually very prone to inflammation and other health conditions like asthma. Apples have anti-inflammatory properties, so they proved to be very efficient in treating asthma. There is large number of helpful ingredients inside apples that contribute towards better functioning of your respiratory system.

- Apples have also shown great results in improving people's vision. They can improve your eyesight and make your eyeballs much stronger. Apples have also proven to be very beneficial in treatment of night blindness. This is because the apples have numerous flavonoid compounds, minerals and antioxidants that can reduce the impact of the dangerous free radicals. Apples can prevent development of glaucoma and cataracts, so if you want to have healthy eyes then you should increase the intake of apples.

health benefits of apples 2- Another positive thing that comes from apples is the fact that it can prevent the development of dementia, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease. The antioxidants present in apples as well as other compounds contribute towards reducing the appearance of these degenerative diseases. The activity of free radicals is what affects the development of Alzheimer's disease and the antioxidants found in apples are battling against them and prevent their harmful effects. Apples can also quickly raise the levels of acetylcholine in people's brains, and this important chemical is linked to memory and concentration. When it comes to Parkinson's disease, apples work by stopping the breakdown of important nerve cells in the brain, which are one of the causes for this disease.

These were some of the major health benefits that come from apples, although there are many more others as well.

In general, apples are delicious and safe fruit to consume, so there are no negative side effects that come from them. However, some health risks are possible if apples are consumed excessively. Due to the fact they are very rich with nutrients, excessive consummation can lead to weight gain.

Also keep in mind that apples belong to the group of acidic fruits, which means that their juice can damage the protective tooth enamel. Some studies have pointed that apples can damage the teeth more than some carbonated drinks. However, this is only if you consume apples in huge amounts.

The apple itself is not dangerous to eat, but important thing to know that the apple seeds contain poisonous materials which can be very dangerous for human health if eaten too many.

These were the positive and a couple of negative characteristics of apples. As you can see, the health benefits and positive sides top the downsides so enjoy eating apples in moderation. If you have some of the aforementioned health issues, then apple or two per day can significantly help your situation. Consider all the mentioned things and enjoy eating this delicious fruit.

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