How Much Lemon Juice Is In One Lemon?

Due to its availability year long, many health benefits, fast juicing in citrus juicers, lemons are often used for making tasty, healthy and refreshing juices and for providing aroma and fragrance in combination with many other foods.

However, weighing it or its freshly squeezed juice every time can be boring. So, many people ask how much lemon juice is in one lemon?

Updated: June 30, 2021.

lemon juice in one lemon 1

In order to find out exact amount of lemon juice in one lemon, we took two ordinary, medium size lemons.

Lemons are cut in two using sharp knife and then juiced using good citrus juicer. Juicer is set to allow most of the pulp, but without seeds, to mix with the juice.

lemon juice in one lemon 2

An empty glass is put onto the very accurate kitchen scale and the scale is than nullified.

After pouring all of the juice in the glass, kitchen scale shows 118.5 grams of juice. That is approximately 1.2 dcl or 4 ounces of juice.

Since we used two medium size lemons, it is safe to conclude that one medium size lemon contains around 2 ounces (60g, 0.6 dcl, 0.06 liters) of lemon juice.

Of course, larger lemons will yield more lemon juice and vice versa, smaller lemons will yield less lemon juice.

In any case - be sure to add lemon into your juices and meals, and enjoy its fragrance and its many health benefits.

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