How to Choose - the Best Vitamix Blender for 2021

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Whether a user is a health enthusiast or just a regular foodie craving a soup, smoothie or freshly ground coffee, a blender comes in handy for anyone. It’s a great go-to tool in the kitchen satisfying diverse needs of users and offering a helping hand in quick preparation of food. It’s not surprising that companies are trying to establish a great reputation by manufacturing blenders of increasingly higher quality and features.

Vitamix is such a company which has already earned a name in blenders. It’ll be noticed that they come with new blenders every few years. It seems that there are so many models but they make some changes in their basic models (listed below) such as pre-programmed settings, touchscreens or other accessories. Prices vary too.

Updated: September 18, 2021.

Naturally it can overwhelm a buyer. However, if one observes keenly, one may think if there are really so many differences between the different Vitamix models and even other brands.

Vitamix is a family-owned company creating blenders since the 1930s and since then they have maintained excellent quality. Here it should be noted that their motors are now made in Sweden, while all the remaining parts are made in the USA.

Thus, it’s interesting to see how Vitamix have brought their various blenders on the market and how they differ from each other or if they really differ so much.

Vitamix Blender Lines

vitamix 5200 blender- C Series: Classic line 5200, Pro 500 (C-Series with preset programming)

- S Series: Personal blender line S30, S50, S55 (S-Series with preset programming)

- G Series: Next generation line 7500, Pro 750 (G-Series with preset programming), 780 (G-Series with preset programming and touchscreen)

- Explorian Series: New value-priced blender model E310, E320

- Ascent Series: Latest (2017) line A2300, A2500 (3 presets), A3300 (Digital touchscreen), A3500 (Digital touchscreen with 5 presets)

It should be noted that Vitamix is using one of the 7 blenders mentioned above as bases and changing them with different colors and accessories.

Some variations are:

- C Series: CIA Professional Series, 5200 Deluxe, 5200 Super, Creations GC, Creations II, Professional Series 200, 5300, Turboblend VS

- G Series: Creations Elite, Professional Series 300.

If users are really short of time and want to know which Vitamix blender is the best for them, here are some recommendations depending upon various criteria applied:

- To start with blending: 5200

- Workhorse: 7500 or A2300

- New blender full of features: 780 or A3500

- For smoothies: Standard Reconditioned or 7500

- On a tight budget: Reconditioned C-Series

Vitamix Blenders Overview: What to Look for?

If users want to compare Vitamix blenders in detail and then choose the one suitable for their needs, they should consider the following criteria:

- Types of controls offered

- Size

There is no point in considering price as a criteria because price keeps changing depending upon accessories and if the blender is refurbished or not; thus, it’s better to consider the above criteria.


Vitamix offers control options like:

Two speed (i.e. no variable speeds, only high or low)

2-speed models by Vitamix include C-series Turboblend 2speed, Creations Turbo, 6000 (has only Time speeds/no variable), CIA Creations.

Actually there is no point in having no variable speeds since it brings limitations on what can be done with a Vitamix. 2 speeds are only for blending slow or fast, thus just good for soups or smoothies where ingredients are to be pureed.

Variable Speed Control Knob (Classic Control, No Presets)

Base Models = C Series: 5200, G Series: 7500, S Series: S30, Ascent A2300

Every Vitamix model has a variable speed control except the two-speed models.

A variable speed dial offers more options of what can be made. It enables manual control which is great when different ingredients are to be mixed in varying amounts. Once a user uses a Vitamix a few times, it’s quite easy to use variable dial to begin blending with a low speed and then increase manually as it’s blending.

Most blending is quite fast (30 to 60 seconds for puree, smoothies, frozen) unless the user is making something like soup which may require 4 to 6 minutes to heat up from blending.

The only downside of variable controls is that user needs to manually modify speeds and stop the blender when done. Therefore, Vitamix brought preset programs.

Pre-programmed Blend Cycles

While comparing between variable speed models and preset program models, it may be a bit confusing to remember all the models. The preset models have 1-10 variable speeds with added preset programs to make dishes like smoothies, soups and frozen desserts.

Even more confusing is the fact that not all Vitamix preset models have the same presets!

Vitamix Models with Presets

vitamix ascent a2500C-Series:

- 6300: Soups, Smoothies, Frozen Desserts
- 6500: Soups, Smoothies, Frozen Desserts
- Professional Series 500: Soups, Smoothies, Frozen Desserts


- S50: PowerBlends, Smoothies
- S55: PowerBlends, Smoothies, Dips/Spreads, Frozen Desserts


- Professional Series 750: Puree, Soup, Puree, Frozen Dessert, Cleaning
- 780: Puree, Soup, Smoothies, Frozen Dessert, Cleaning

Ascent Series:

- A2500: Hot Soups, Smoothies, Frozen Dessert
- A3500: Hot Soups, Spreads/Dips, Smoothies, Frozen Desserts, Self-Cleaning

Preset means users just need to select a program, turn it on and the blender will automatically speed up to correct level and then stop when the cycle is complete.

A microchip fitted inside the blender times the preset programs; thus, the program modes are not affected by how much or what is being blended. So, whether the user is blending 3 cups or 5 cups, the chosen program will run through the same pre-programmed sequence which can be a problem. Moreover, in case of presets, users still need to keep watching the liquid while making soups to avoid overheating and tamper frozen desserts.

Also, the preset run times may differ among blenders because of differences in motor strengths, types and capacities. So, if users read an experience about presets from other users, they should confirm which model it is.

Plus, presets may not be used for what they are meant for. E.g. a user may be habituated to make a certain size of smoothies. If he finds that the smoothie preset function takes too long and smoothie becomes too frothy, he might use the frozen preset to make smoothies, just because it’s shorter.

All in all, manual control of speed with the traditional dial seems to be a better system. But this depends on one’s personal preference.

Pulse Control

The pulse control is for quickly chopping ingredients that users don’t want to puree. This feature has been added to the new models (all C-Series/S-Series, G-Series and Ascent models).

The feature replaces the old pulse method of tossing the high/low control switch and using the on/off level to pulse.

The major benefit of the new pulse control is that users can pulse at any speed they want with the help of the variable control knob. The old method involved the ability to pulse only at 2 speeds (high and low).

The new pulse function is great but not required as the old method works fine. Thus, it shouldn’t be an important factor in decision making.


After looking at the various Vitamix product lines and different control options, it’s interesting to compare between the various lines to know which one is the best.
Actually each line and models have their pros and cons; but basically they are quite similar overall. But there are differences which should be looked at so as to make a decision.

Here is the difference in the blender size of each of the line:

- C-Series: 20.4 inch tall with weight 10.6 pounds with 64 ounce tall container

- S-Series: 15.7 inch tall with weight 12.5 pounds and 40-ounce container

- G-Series: 17.4 inch tall with weight 12.5 pounds and 64-ounce low profile container

- Explorian Series: 18 inch tall with weight 10.5 pounds and 48-ounce low profile container

- Ascent: Same as G-Series with weight starting at 12 pounds and 64-ounce low profile container

Vitamix C Series Review

The C series has the traditional design and the recognized workhorse motor of Vitamix. The 5200 base is used in many configurations. Users just need to remember that the 5200 is the standard model and the Professional Series 500 is just with preset programming added, and the other models in the series are merely variations of these two. Only the 2 newer models, 5300 and 6500, in the series feature the new stronger 2.2 horsepower motor that are included in the G-Series models.

Blenders in C-Series

Vitamix 5200 Standard

This is the classic Vitamix model that is designed to last. It was launched in 2007 to replace Vitamix’s flagship 5000 model with improvements like BPA-free containers and more efficient motor. Being very versatile and easy to use, it is referred to as the “Getting Started Machine” by Vitamix.

- This blender has 2 HP motor, On/Off lever, variable speed dial and high/variable speed lever.

- Its container is 64 ounce with softgrip handle and Classic Tamper.

- The model comes in 5 colors – black, white, platinum, red, brushed stainless

- A Getting Started guide, cookbook and DVD are also included.

Vitamix 5200S

This is just the Vitamix 5200 only with a different recipe book named “Getting Started Plus”.

Vitamix Super 5200

This too is 5200 with a standard 64 ounce tall container. It comes with everything as that of 5200 but also includes an additional recipe book “Whole Grains” and a 32-ounce “Dry Grains” container with mini tamper.

This model has been targeted by Vitamix as a “Healthy Lifestyle” blender for customers wishing to make their own flours and so, they’ve added the “Whole Grains” cookbook and “Dry Grains” jar.

Vitamix Deluxe 5200

This model is called the “Complete Kitchen” model and includes all that come with the standard 5200. Plus there are some more accessories included, like:

- 32-oz “Dry Grains” container with mini tamper
- 32-oz container 2 piece lid
- 32-oz wet blade container
- 3 spatulas
- 4 flexible cutting boards
- Mini tamper
- Additional cookbook “Whole Grains”

Vitamix Turbo Blend 2 Speed

This model uses the motor/base of C-series 5200 but has only 2 speeds and no variable speed dial of the 5200. It also doesn’t feature the ergonomic rubber grip handle like the 5200.

There seems to be no point in making a Vitamix without variable speeds; thus anyone may be interested in this blender only if they want just to make smoothies or puree everything fast. Comparatively the 5200 standard model is a better bet.

vitamix turboblend vs 1732Vitamix Turbo Blend VS 1732

This is the 5200 model again but is targeting the vegetarian market with a different set of accessories and cookbook and its container has no rubber grip handle. This model is available in black color only.

The unique accessories are:

- Nut milk/filtration bag
- “Live Fresh” recipe book containing raw/vegetarian recipes

The TurboBlend VS (Variable Speed) 1732 has only 5 year warranty which is 2 years less than the standard 7 year warranty on C and G series blenders.

CIA Professional Series

This one has everything that the 5200 has but also includes a new 3-ring cookbook named “Create”.

A variant of the CIA Professional Series is also sold by Vitamix with a 48 ounce Compact Container in place of the tall 64 ounce container.

Professional Series 200

This again has everything that the 5200 has but includes the “Create” cookbook and comes only in black color. A Professional 200 Series with a Compact Container is also available.

Professional Series 500

This one has the same container and motor as that of the 5200 but also has 3 pre-programmed settings to the control interface and also a “pulse” level that the 5200 doesn’t have. A “Create” cookbook has also been included.

Vitamix 6000

The Vitamix 6000 is the same 5200 base and standard containers but the big difference is the 6 TIMED settings (not similar to pre-programmed settings) and it has no variable speed dial.

The 6 timed settings are:

1. 20 seconds = frozen beverages, milkshakes
2. 30 seconds = frozen desserts, fresh fruit smoothies
3. 60 seconds (1 minute) = marinades, dressings and nut butters
4. 90 seconds (1.5 minute) = whole food smoothies and whole food juices
5. 4.5 minutes = creamy hot soups
6. 6.5 minutes = thick hot soups

It should be noted that Vitamix 6000 has only one speed which reduces the functionality expected from Vitamix blenders according to many people, as the variable speed offers more control particularly if the user doesn’t want to puree everything. Although the 6000 features a pulse lever, the issue of lacking multiple speeds is not addressed.

The model comes with a Creations recipe book which is different than the Create cookbook. A flip-top bottle is also included.

It has only 5 year warranty.

As such, there is no point in buying this model with its higher price tag as against another Vitamix model having variable speeds as well as a full 7 year warranty. Even other Vitamix reconditioned blenders are available with a 5 year warranty but with a lower price, e.g. 5200 reconditioned or C-Series refurbished with presets. And for a bit more, a G-series 7500 is also available with more functionality.

Vitamix 6300

This one has a 5200 base and same features as that of the Professional Series 500, the only difference being a recipe book named “Savor” included with the 6300. While choosing between the 500 and 6300, it’s preferable to just get the cheaper one.

Vitamix Creations II

This is again a 5200 with a smaller 48-oz container with a conventional handle. A “Creations” recipe book is included. This model is available in black or white. This model has only 5 year warranty.

Vitamix Creations GC

This one has a bit more enhanced motor (over 2HP) than the 5200 and includes the Creations cookbook. It has only 5 year warranty.

Vitamix CIA Creations

This is a 5200 blender but without variable speed dial and has a shorter 48 ounce container. A 32-oz “Dry Grains container” and Creations cookbook is included. It has only a 5-year warranty.

Vitamix 5300 – C-series Base and G-Series Motor

vitamix 5300 blenderThe 5300 features the new 2.2 horsepower motor that has been created for the G-series models but features the traditional 5200 C-series body. The 5300 comes without the noise-reducing and air-cooking features; so, it’s louder than normal G-series blenders.
The new 2.2 horsepower motor enables a user to work with the low-profile 64 ounce containers.
It has similar controls as that of the 5200 with a variable speed dial; but “pulse” function is an addition instead of the high/variable lever as that in the 5200.

A refurbished 5300 is the most reasonably priced Vitamix model that works well with the new low-profile containers; however, it should be remembered that after all, it’s a C-series. If one wants the improved G-series base and the latest cooling system and sound reducing (according to Vitamix it’s 40% quieter than C-series), it’s better to consider buying the 7500 which has same controls.

Vitamix 6500 – C-series Base and G-series Motor

Like the 5300 model, the 6500 too is another model launched in 2015 created with a C-series base and the new 2.2 horsepower G-series motor. The difference between the 5300 and 6500 is that the latter has 3 presets (hot soups, smoothies and frozen desserts).

It’s basically the same as the 6300 but has a stronger 2.2 horsepower motor and low-profile container. The “Savor” recipe book is included too.

Vitamix G-Series Review

This line was launched in 2013 as an enhancement to Vitamix’s classic C-series line models. It’s labeled “Next Generation” and features a newly built base with a new 2.2 HP motor and airflow design (“Enhanced Airflow Management”). Due to the new design these models are not only stronger than the classic C-series models but also 40% more noiseless.

The most obvious difference G-series has is the low-profile containers that make Vitamix blenders to fit under the regular kitchen cabinet height. The blades of these low-profile containers are longer than the containers of classic C-Series. But the capacity of the containers is the same i.e. 64 ounces.

The broader base of the containers of the G-series models makes them the best for chopping and making nut butters, but the containers of the classic C-series were also perfect for these tasks.

Some prominent benefits of the low-profile design of the containers are:

- Greater chopping ability
- Tamper less required
- Thick blends like nut butters can be scraped out more easily
- Standard kitchen cabinets can accommodate the blender
- Some recipes can be blended faster due to the longer blades

The disadvantage of the new container is that the minimum size required of the recipe is a larger size batch i.e. minimum two cups. Therefore, if users want to make small batches, a second smaller container has to be bought separately.

Below are models in G-series. Here users should remember that the 7500 is the base model. The Professional Series 750 is the 7500 added with preset programming and the 780 is added with preset programming and touchscreen.

Vitamix Blenders in G Series

Vitamix 7500

vitamix 7500 blenderThis is the base model in the G-series. It has a wider and shorter base as that of C-series so that the new low-profile containers can be fitted. It’s around 3 inches shorter than the classic 5200 models and is available in red, black and white.

The 7500 has pulse lever, start/stop lever (the 5200 doesn’t have this) and variable speed dial. A “Simply Fresh” recipe guide is also included.

Pros of 7500

- Very powerful new 2.2HP motor with 10% more strength than the C-series motors
- Low profile container fits under cabinets
- Less noisy than previous models by Vitamix and other brands
- Longer blades at wide base has a better ability to chop than traditional tall containers

Cons of 7500

- Low-profile wider jars need larger batch size and small sizes are harder to blend.

Vitamix Creations Elite Blender

The one big difference Creations Elite has as compared to the 7500 is a different recipe book named “Creations”.

Another difference is that this is the only model in the G-series that has 5-year warranty which is 2 years less than the typical 7-year warranty offered in C-series and G-series blenders.

Vitamix Professional Series 750

vitamix pro series 750 blenderThe Professional Series 750 is the 7500 added with 5 preset functions to enable automated blending. The 5 functions are:

- Hot soups
- Smoothies
- Puree
- Frozen desserts
- Self-cleaning

This model has been picked as Consumer Reports Top model for 2018. It has gained high ratings for performance and durability.

A “Heritage Collection” is also offered by Vitamix that offers two options of metal exteriors.
Rest all is the same as the 7500. It’s a best choice if users want a G-series design with presets.

Professional Series 300

The 300 Pro is the 7500 with a larger recipe book named “Create”. It comes in red and black. So, if users want to save money, they can just prefer 7500.

Vitamix 780 Blender

This is the Top line model in the G-series added with 5 presets and touchscreen. It’s basically the 750 just added with a touchscreen. It’s available in red and black.

Pros of Vitamix 780 Blender

- All new features of the G-series added viz. low noise level, stronger, low profile
- Touchscreen
- Cool to look at

Cons of Vitamix 780 Blender

- Not very cheap
- Depends more on digital features so more chances of breakage over time

All in all, if users are more interested in the latest technology, 780 may be the right blender for them. But if they want all the advantages of the Next Generation model at the best price, 7500 offers the best value for money.

Vitamix S-Series Review

Most people interested in buying a Vitamix are perhaps more interested in their full size countertop models and not in the S Series line models. But if some users want to know how this series is different, here’s how.

The S Series was launched by Vitamix in 2014 with the S-30 model to compete with personal blenders such as Nutri Ninja and Nutribullet.

The S Series Vitamix blenders are smaller in size than other Vitamix models and includes a 20-ounce to-go smoothie cup.

The company came with the S50 and S55 just the next year with no difference than S30, only with preset modes added.

The maximum capacity of S-Series is 40 ounces as opposed to their standard 64-ounce capacity. Many buyers find it hard to understand the price tag of S30 base model as compared to other brands like Nutri Ninja and Nutribullet which are around 70%-80% cheaper.

S30 has 790 Watt (1 Horsepower) motor as against Vitamix G Series 750 that has 1640 Watts (2.2 horsepower) motor. However the S30 blade can reach 37,000 RPM speed while Nutribullet 900 can reach 25,000 RPM.

Pros of S-Series

- More powerful than most other personal blenders and can puree anything for smoothies
- 5 year warranty as against other brands that have usually 1 year warranty
- Variable speeds whereas others have one speed
- 20-ounce container and lid included
- Easy to clean
- Dishwasher safe

Cons of S-Series

- Expensive
- The 5-year warranty is shorter than that of C and G Series that have 7-year warranty
- Too heavy to be used as a travel blender and also isn’t very small (15.7 inches) as against the 20.5 inch 5200 or 15.5 inch Blendtec.

Vitamix Blenders in S-Series

S30 Vs. S50 Vs. S55

- S30: Base model with variable speed and pulse function and comes in black or red

- S50: Same as S30 but with 2 presets. This also comes in black or red.

- S55: Same as S30 but with 4 presets. Comes in stainless steel.

All the 3 models include 20-ounce to-go container/lid, 40 ounce container, tamper and recipe book.

Vitamix Explorian E310 Review

vitamix e310 explorian blenderThe Explorian E310 was launched in late 2017. It has the same blending power as that of Vitamix’s C-Series Legacy blenders but is less pricey that all their full-size countertop blenders. Thus this is their high performance “Value Priced” blender.

Some of the popular features from several full-size blenders have been included in the Explorian series to create a simplified blender with high power and backing of Vitamix’s quality.

Although the E310 has the same blending power of the pricier C-series blenders, it has a smaller 48-ounce classic narrow container, whereas other models come with a standard sized container of 64 ounce. However, the 48-oz container is good for smoothies and small to medium size batches.

This blender looks similar to the Next-Generation G series 7500 but has 2 horsepower motor. It also features on/off lever, pulse lever and variable control dial.

Other differences in the design of the Explorian E310 are that the container doesn’t have on/off power kill switch and its container doesn’t have a rubber handle.

Pros of Explorian

- Lowest priced
- Simple controls
- No electronics to break down
- Shorter size, so, can fit beneath the cabinets
- Nice model for small to medium size batches

Cons of Explorian

- No presets
- Smaller container

Blenders in Explorian Series - Vitamix Explorian E310 Vs. E320

The E320 which is sold by a limited retailers and its price is higher than E310 by around $100. The E320 has a Vitamix Next Generation 2.2 horsepower motor, so, works with the low-profile wide containers.

The E310 has a narrow 48-ounce container while the E320 features a 64-ounce low-profile container. The shortcoming of the 64-ounce low profile container is that it cannot handle small batches properly.

Other major difference is that the E310 has a 5-year warranty whereas E320 has a 7-year warranty.
The E320 has no full “next-generation” design features as that of the G series models like the new cooling and noise reducing design features.

TIP: As compared to E320, a certified refurbished 7500 might be a better bet for a lower price as it has the same controls as that of E320 but also has the latest G-series design features.

Ascent Series Review

Ascent series is the latest (launched in 2017) blender line by Vitamix. Models in this series come with a new sleek design with interesting features such as NFC cordless connectivity to recognize which container is being used as well as new digital timer abilities. Plus it comes with a 10-year warranty as against the 5 or 7 year warranties on other blenders by Vitamix.

More about the New Features

Self-Detect Technology: Since users can know which blender is being used, it offers higher safety and reduction in user error according to Vitamix.

Timer: The Timer shows how long a user has been blending (6.5 minutes is the maximum time after which the blender will stop). The A2500 and A3500 blenders have a countdown timer while a preset program is active, whereas the A3300 and A3500 come with an added timer function that enables users to set a countdown time manually so as to stop the machine whenever the users want.

Containers: The new jars come with clear plastic locking lids (as against the traditional jars with rubber black lid) which offer a tighter seal. Some users prefer a rubber lid because it facilitates more movement of the tamper.

All the new Ascent blenders work only with the new Smart Detect containers; hence nothing can be interchanged with any older Vitamix models or accessories.

All Ascent containers are dishwasher-safe (as opposed to the Legacy containers that are not dishwasher-safe). Only the size of 64-oz container is available with each Ascent model.

Look: It’s worth mentioning that the Ascent models come with a sleek, modern look but are about the same size as that of the G-series. The A3500 has some extra choices of “metal” finishes.

Accessories: Accessories that come with the Smart Detect technology are: 48-ounce wet blending container, 48-ounce dry grain container, 20-ounce personal smoothie container and 8-ounce blending bowl.

Performance of Ascent Series Models

The Ascent Series blenders come with same speed controls as that of the G-Series and their speed is not adjusted according to weight but according to time, just similar to the legacy blenders. The power and performance of motor are almost the same as that of G-series models. Ascent series have full-size blenders with 64-oz jars. If users want to make small batches, they have to buy separate jars.
But overall, the performance of Ascent machines is excellent just like other Vitamix models and especially like G-series models that use low-profile containers.

Vitamix Blenders in Ascent Series

The Ascent series has 4 models all with the same blender base and container barring the finish options and control interface.

Vitamix A2300 Blender

This is the cheapest base model without touchscreen, program settings or countdown timer.
- 1 to 10 variable speed dial
- Digital Count Up Timer
- Self-Detect cordless technology for containers
- Pulse Switch and Start/Stop Switch

Vitamix A2500 Blender

vitamix ascent a2500This is same as the A2300 but has added 3 pre-programmed settings (Hot Soups, Smoothies, Frozen Desserts).

- 1 to 10 variable speed dial
- Digital Count Up Timer
- Pulse Switch and Start/Stop Switch
- 3 Program Settings as mentioned above
- Self-Detect cordless technology for containers

Vitamix A3300 Blender

This model comes with added digital touchscreen and switches removed. It also has a digital countdown timer.

- 1 to 10 variable speed dial
- Touch Pulse and Touch Start/Stop Switch
- Self-Detect cordless technology for containers
- Digital Count Up Timer
- Digital Countdown Timer for users to set

Vitamix A3500 Blender

This is same as A3300 but has 5 pre-programmed settings (Hot Soups, Frozen Desserts, Smoothies, Dips & Spreads and Self-Cleaning) and also has an option of metal base.

- 1 to 10 variable speed dial
- Digital Count Up Timer
- Touch Pulse and Touch Start/Stop Switch
- 5 Program Settings
- Digital Countdown Timer for users to set
- Self-Detect cordless technology for containers
- Metal finish options (black stainless, brushed stainless and graphite)

Bottom Line

In recent years, the market is becoming full of more and more high-powered blender brands like Blendtec, Omega, Cleantec, Waring, Oster, Omni and Ninja. The different blender brands have received various opinions, but in general Vitamix appears to perform consistently near the top in the comparison tests of high-end blenders.

However, it should be remembered that most tests were done upon only 1 Vitamix model (often 5200 since it has been around for the longest). However users can hope that more comparison tests will be done of the Vitamix G series versus other brands in the near future.

For Short: If you need a good and versatile blender, consider one of the Vitamix blenders, according to your own needs and preferences and it will serve you well for a long time.

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