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Best Nutri Ninja vs. Nutribullet Juicers and Blenders for 2020 - Reviews and Recommendations

nutri ninja vs nutribullet m

Regular blenders commonly seen in the kitchen are used to make smoothies. Exercise enthusiasts can even make protein shakes with them. But one may wonder what if one wants something more from the blender? There are two solutions to this: Ninja blenders and Bullet blenders.

Ninja blenders are high-performance blenders that can make a huge variety of beverages apart from smoothies and shakes which the standard blenders can make. They can even make purees, nut milks and frozen drinks.

Best Centrifugal Juicers for 2020 - Reviews and Recommendations

breville bje820xl juice fountain mWhen a health enthusiast plans to start juicing, a centrifugal juicer is a great appliance to have because it is so speedy. Centrifugal juicers extract juice within a few minutes, and are powerful and efficient. Therefore budding juice-lovers will find them easy to use and thereby encouraging.

Best Citrus Juicers for 2020 - Reviews and Recommendations

best citrus juicers mThere is perhaps nothing more refreshing and nutritious than a fresh lemonade or orange juice, especially on a hot day. Such a fresh juice extracted in one’s kitchen is also free from added sugar or preservatives, unlike store-bought juices.

How can one get such a fresh juice? Of course, with a citrus juicer! And one can not only get a fresh citrus juice from this type of juicer, but can do many other things, for example, whipping up a fresh salad dressing. All in all, a citrus juicer is an extremely useful and convenient appliance to anyone’s kitchen.

Best Cold Press - Masticating – Juicers for 2020

There is no doubt that homemade juices are much healthier than store-bought sugar-laden ones. However, the type of juicer a user has can make a difference with the juice and make it just nutritious or more nutritious.

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The traditional centrifugal juicer works by tearing apart the vegetables and fruits with its fast-spinning blades. However, due to the speed, heat is generated and ingredients are exposed to air. Because of this, the nutrients extracted in the juice from the veggies and fruits may get degenerated.

Therefore masticating or ‘cold-press’ juicers are gaining increasing popularity because they work by pressing and grinding veggies and fruits to extract juice because of which no heat is generated and nutrients remain intact. Since no heat is produced, the juicer is known as ‘cold-pressed’.

How to Choose - the Best Vitamix Blender for 2020

best vitamix blenders mWhether a user is a health enthusiast or just a regular foodie craving a soup, smoothie or freshly ground coffee, a blender comes in handy for anyone. It’s a great go-to tool in the kitchen satisfying diverse needs of users and offering a helping hand in quick preparation of food. It’s not surprising that companies are trying to establish a great reputation by manufacturing blenders of increasingly higher quality and features.

Best Juicer for Greens for 2020

best juicer for greensA widely accepted truth is that a juice-lover having a good juicer already and having a decent palate should be in need of another juicing machine. Why? It’s because every juicer has its own good and bad points.

Best Blender for Ice for 2020 - Ice Blenders 101

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Incidents happen when users get their new shiny blender shipped to their doorstep and they eagerly put fruits and veggies to the jar and add ice and turn it on with a hope that they will get a nice chilled drink in a minute or two.

But for some users, this has turned to a disaster because as soon as they add ice and turn the blender on, the motor of the blender is destroyed. When they refer to the users’ manual afterwards, it comes out to be ‘not recommended’ to blend ice and other frozen ingredients.

The Best Fruits and Vegetables to Juice

broccoli hb mIf anyone who is planning to start juicing wonders which fruits and vegetables to start with, there are indeed some of them which are excellent for the daily diet and one should start juicing with them. These particular fruits and veggies are good as part of the normal diet, if the user is juicing fasting and also if they are juicing for cleansing.

How Much Lemon Juice Is In One Lemon?

lemon juice in one lemon mDue to its availability year long, many health benefits, fast juicing in citrus juicers, lemons are often used for making tasty, healthy and refreshing juices and for providing aroma and fragrance in combination with many other foods.

However, weighing it or its freshly squeezed juice every time can be boring. So, many people ask how much lemon juice is in one lemon?

Compare Breville Juicers

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Juicing is increasingly becoming a part of today’s life. This is very good because rather than consuming sodas and fancy energy drinks, juices are anytime better as they clean gut, improve skin and help one lose weight.

However, an interesting fact is that despite most people are becoming juice fans, they don’t own a juicer. Since visiting a juice bar daily can be both expensive as well as time-consuming, it’s better to invest in a juicer. Extracting fresh juices at home is hygienic and healthy, and saves money and time too.

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